The Best PS4 Mods For Skyrim

The re-release of Skyrim on previous-gen consoles isn’t just a pointless remaster that makes the game look a bit prettier, although it sure accomplishes that. Among Bethesda’s quality-of-life changes, support for user-created mods is the most exciting feature in the game. This lets you have a taste of the endless fun PC players have with wild mods that can add virtually anything to Skyrim.



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If you can’t afford a PC but have Skyrim for PS4, you can still take advantage of the mods released for this port. Although they aren’t as fleshed out as they’d be on a PC due to technological limitations, they still make significant improvements and welcome additions to gameplay.

Updated on July 17, 2023, by Jouanna Bondakji: Skyrim is one of those games that have stood the test of time. Though it was released over a decade ago, it’s been kept alive by not only its replayability factor, but also the modding community who’s still actively creating and sharing mods that enhance and add to the game. The PC has a lot of options when it comes to mods, but the PS4 version of Skyrim also has official support for mods, so you get to enjoy them too. There are always new and wonderful mods to discover, and these are some of the best ones.

20 Lore-Based Loading Screens

A shield in a loading screen with the quote
image via: Chesko on nexusmods

This mod by Chesko doesn’t affect your gameplay. Rather, it makes the periods where you have to wait for things to load a little more interesting by incorporating fun lore tidbits about the world of Skyrim (and The Elder Scrolls in general).

The pieces of lore were collected from participating members of the Elder Scrolls community, and it’s just one example of how mods can bring fans of a work together. With over 160 of these loading screens, you’re able to stay immersed in Skyrim’s world even while things are being set up behind the scenes.

19 DLC Integration

A dining table with plates of food and goblets on it
image via: Dillonn241 on nexusmods

Skyrim has a few official expansions if you’ve ever wanted to… well, expand your game’s world. They all provide something special to the experience by overhauling aspects of gameplay and even adding entirely new mechanics. But if you have any of these expansions and crave more from them, the DLC Integration mod by Dillonn241 is more than worth looking into.

It has different features for every expansion. For example, Hearthfire gets a lot of food-related additions, including recipes. Meanwhile, Dawnguard and Dragonborn mostly receive changes based on certain loot you find, as well as equipment and items in shops to buy. This mod makes the expansions feel a little more worth it thanks to its tweaks and additions.

18 Cutting Room Floor

Left image of a character sitting on a bench next to a coffee table, right image of an animal in a forest
image via: Arthmoor on NexusMods

Like other Bethesda titles, Skyrim had tons of material that didn’t make it into the official game. However, it can be found in the game files all the same. Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor brings back that cut content, including locations, NPCs, and questlines.

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There are mods that add new custom content, but this one reveals official stuff you couldn’t access before. There are things like more villages to explore and new items to grab that were previously locked in the game’s files. See if you can find the other, smaller additions that were cut from the game too.

17 Faster Leveling

The Skill Tree in Skyrim

Making a powerful character can take ages in this game. Because of this, you might be discouraged from trying various abilities and just focus on melee combat. However, the Faster Leveling mod by Seph64 boosts most skill leveling rates by two-and-a-half percent. That’s not enough to make the game notably easier, but it’s enough to make it seem fairer.

This mod is beneficial if some of your skill trees seem constantly stuck in the 80-90 range. It’s fun to work your way up to those levels, but without this mod, you will need hundreds of hours of gameplay.

16 Better Combat AI

Skyrim Battle between stormcloaks and imperial forces

Exploring areas and meeting new people are nothing without engrossing combat. Better Combat AI by joop improves your experience if you want more engaging action. It makes the AI of NPCs smarter during combat, including animals and other creatures. Different types of NPCs will act differently according to their type or occupation.

For example, predatory animals in groups will attack you more, while they have a higher chance of running away when alone. Human NPCs whose work doesn’t usually involve fighting will be less competent in battle than ones who fight often. The realism of the combat AI makes everything much more interesting and immersive.

15 Even Better Quest Objectives

Side-by-side images showing objectives before and after installing the Even Better Quest Objectives mod
image via: Williamlmm on nexusmods

Some quests in the game can seem somewhat ambiguous, especially the one about the Stones Of Barenziah. The game doesn’t even give you general locations to investigate. Instead, it wants you to explore the entire open world and keep your eyes peeled for 24 gemstones that could be anywhere. They could be in a chest or entombed in a dungeon; you name it.

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Even Better Quest Objectives by Williamlmm gives you more detailed quest log prompts that function as hints without giving away the objective’s exact location. It’s the perfect balance to be found for otherwise tedious quests.

14 Rich Skyrim Merchants

A merchant in Riverwood with a lot of gold

Ever try to save enough money for the best houses in the game? The quickest way there is to sell all the loot you can carry. Unfortunately, merchants in vanilla Skyrim have a relatively meager sum of gold to trade. This can make your enrichment process incredibly slow.

Rich Skyrim Merchants by EddieTheEagle increases the money held by many NPCs who can sell to you by two, five, or even ten times their normal amount. You can receive plenty of money if you sell them quality goods. The best thing about this mod is its compatibility; you can put it anywhere in your loader if you don’t have any other mods that modify merchants’ gold.

13 Cheat Mod

A drawer with two chests sitting on top of it
image via: TheRealElianora on

Okay, so “cheating” is frowned upon in games, but Cheat Mod by TheRealElianora doesn’t use bots to drag down networks. Instead, it enables you to carry and craft various things. It’s perfect for if you’d prefer to focus on activities that aren’t crafting-related, or if you’re just impatient.

The mod sets up the “Warmaiden’s Forge” in Whiterun — a chest with 1,000 of every crafting ingredient you need, plus 100,000 pieces of gold in various strongboxes. If you’re wondering how to possibly carry all that, not to worry. The mod also adds a ring that increases your carry limit by 500,000.

12 Rain And Snow FX

A close-up of a character's armor glazed with snow in a snowy area
image via: Chesko on

This mod by Chesko does not make significant changes to the weather system in the game. It still rains and snows as usual, with prevalent overcast in-game days. However, when your character does happen to get caught in a storm or blizzard, their armor and clothes become visibly wet or frostbitten.

That’s a very nice touch, considering that vanilla Skyrim doesn’t do anything to make it seem like your gear is exposed to environmental conditions. You could jump in a pool of water and emerge drier than a desert. This mod fixes that, so it’s great if you care about amplifying immersion.

11 Lively Graphics Overhaul

A forest with detailed rays of sunlight on grass and trees
image via: ImperialAgent1992 on

How can we talk about PlayStation 4 Skyrim mods without considering the Lively Graphics Overhaul mod by ImperialAgent1992? The most downloaded Graphics mods on the Sony console only needed one version to be successful.

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The mod itself is straightforward, explaining why it only has one version under its belt. It makes the game less dark and gloomy and brings out some color in all the scenes you enjoy. Sounds simple, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes if you try it out.

10 Surreal Lighting

Grassy plains and hills lit with colorful lighting during sunset
image via: Arindel on

Skyrim can look incredible on PC, and although the PS4 lacks high-end graphics capabilities compared to expensive computers, the game can still look fantastic with the right mod. Surreal Lighting by Arindel will do the trick if you want to achieve that.

It affects the contrast, brightness, and saturation the most, creating vibrant environments that beautify the game. Sunny weather feels more sunny with less fog, and there’s less of a tint outdoors. Plus, godrays work a bit differently to really boost the aesthetic outside. Your game is going to thank you for installing this.

9 Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

 Three Citizens representing the Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul PS4 Mod
image via: Arnaud d’Orchymont on ai4egames

One of Skyrim’s most prevalent immersion-breaking problems is its AI. Everyone knows you can put a bucket on a merchant’s head and steal everything from their shop. This mod by Arnaud d’Orchymont overhauls citizens’ schedules, making them feel more organic, and improves their general relation to the environment or potential threats.

They work more like real humans in combat, as the mod takes into account factors like their level, occupation, and armor. Plus, for each settlement location, unique dialogue with characters is generally doubled. Overall, this mod is excellent if you want a more authentic experience out of Skyrim.

8 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

The logo for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch mod for PS4
image via: The Unofficial Patch Project Team on afkmods

Although Skyrim has been out for well over a decade, it’s not bug-free. Even if most game-breaking bugs were loved for a long time, they can still be annoying. This mod is the final boss of patches.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch by The Unofficial Patch Project Team is designed to be compatible with most mods out there and improves as much as possible of the game without making drastic changes. It’s surprising to see people finding bugs scattered here and there long after the game’s release, but that’s why this patch is here.

7 Phenderix Magic Reloaded

Two characters standing in front of huge gates
image via: Phenderix on

Do you love using magic? Does it feel like there aren’t enough spells or mage-oriented pieces of gear? You are in luck since the Phenderix Magic Reloaded mod by Phenderix adds all you could want: new locations, weapons, enemy types, and over 400 spells. There is no reason why you shouldn’t download this on PS4. It comes in two parts.

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However, be warned that this mod is not compatible with some other magic-related mods. Check if you have any of them first before downloading this extensive overhaul.

6 Dolomite Weathers And Lighting Overhaul

A forest with clear lighting during the morning
image via: Megaloblast on

Skyrim could do with a bit of an update on the whole doom and gloom atmosphere in its Nordic environment, and no doubt the multiple downloads of this mod speak for themselves. The Dolomite Weathers and Lighting Overhaul mod by Megaloblast bases the whole experience on bringing a different type of mountainous terrain and lighting to the game.

It adds a lot of weather-related features without impacting the overall file size too heavily. Based on the Dolomites of Northern Italy, you’ll get to enjoy the game with a breath of fresh air, making your playthrough incredible both visually and story wise.

5 Magical College Of Winterhold

Floating objects and lit candles in the College of Winterhold
image via: Sable17 on

The College Of Winterhold is one of the best locations in the entire game. It is heavily steeped in lore and exciting details that construct its solemn ambiance. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t look as magical as it could be. If you want to change that and really get into the magical college atmosphere, download this mod by Sable17. It’s among the very best available for PS4.

Interiors are completely redesigned, and many additions to the college’s buildings are made. Finding a more fleshed-out place is hard, especially for characters who roleplay as mages, but this mod does the trick.

4 Immersive Movement

the dovhakiin fighting a dragon in skyrim

If you feel that Skyrim is getting too easy on your second or third playthrough, you should download the Immersive Movement mod by Zana Daniel. This mod affects your movement, making it slower to strafe and run backward.

Also, your movement speed will change based on how heavy your equipped weapon is. You can’t expect the same agility between a Two-Handed Heavy Axe and a Dagger. Don’t worry, though, because the movements this mod affects also apply to NPCs. That also means faster animals, Werewolves, and Vampires.

3 Smilodon: Combat Of Skyrim

The Smilodon: Combat of Skyrim where a wolf attacks the main character in skyrim
image via: Enai Siaion on nexusmods

Skyrim presents you with countless tools to engage in battle. Unfortunately, enemies can often seem unchallenging regardless of whether you choose to be a sellsword, rogue archer, mage, or dual-wielding raider. You could increase the game’s difficulty, but the AI is still mindless, so you might die from circumstantial instances.

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Smilodon: Combat Of Skyrim by Enai Siaion makes every enemy more aggressive, significantly enough that you will feel endangered when fighting. Barbarians try to attack you simultaneously, so you need to strategize your battles, and combat feels more impactful overall.

2 Obsidian Weather

A field with fog that shrouds something in the distance
image via: DrJacopo on nexusmods

This collaborative mod by Dr. Megaloblast and Arindel was created by the minds that brought you the likes of Dolomite Weathers and Surreal Lighting. They made one of the best weather mods in the Skyrim modding community through their shared knowledge.

Not only do you get the chance to incorporate around 90 types of weather into your next playthrough, but Obsidian Weather adds a type of “fog of war” that makes objects far away untraceable. The fog makes you feel that much more like you are living in the fantasy world created by Bethesda.

1 Call Of Madness (Wabbajack Shout)

Many rolls of cheese lying around a terrain in Skyrim
image via: Kingston3K on nexusmods

This mod by Kingston3K is a must-get for any Elder Scrolls fan because it allows you to channel the Daedric Prince of Madness with nothing but the shout of a “WABBAJACK!” As far as Skyrim PS4 mods go, this is one of the best.

Channel Sheogorath’s chaos in all of its Daedric glory with the Thu’um shout as you banish baddies to Oblivion. It also comes with some neat bonus equipment, as well as spells that incorporate literal cheese to take down your enemy. What would Skyrim be without a little silliness?

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