The Best Mods In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is absolutely packed with content thanks to the hard work being done by the team at Larian Studios. From items, weapons, dialogue options, races, classes, and so much more, the game is likely to be a great purchase for any CRPG enjoyer. Yet despite all of that, you’re craving something more.



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Maybe you’ve been playing in early-access, and have played through the campaign countless time every time an update came out. Maybe you’re planning for the future and doing a little window shopping. Whatever your situation might be, this mod list will set you off towards the right direction.

10 Customizer’s Compendium 8th Edition

A feminine-presenting elf being customized with Customizer's Compendium 8th Edition mod.

Created by AlanaSP, Customizer’s Compendium is all about helping you achieve the perfect look for your character. Completely overhauling the game’s character customization system, you’ll gain access to heaps of new options, giving you a reason to start over again.

From simple expansions to the available eye and hair colors, to completely new hairstyles, and if applicable, horns and ears that come in different shapes and sizes. Some say the best way to learn is by doing, so why not give it a try for yourself?

9 Bless And Bane – Manual Targeting

A player manually targeting the bane spell in Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by Maximuuus1, Bless and Bane allows more fine-tuned control of the game’s spell targeting system. Normally, characters closest to the caster are automatically prioritized as targets, but with this mod, you’ll be able to manually choose the most appropriate targets yourself.

While the game’s automatic targeting likely isn’t that big of a deal most of the time, if you’re playing on particularly difficult settings, this mod will help you squeeze out just a little bit more of an advantage for the fights that matter.

8 Choose Your Stats

A stat resetting potion you can drink through the Choose Your Stats Mod in Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by lostsoulman, Choose Your Stats is a pretty straightforward, but no less useful mod for altering a variety of your character’s stats. Once installed, you can drink a potion to change your Armor Class, base stats, speed, and more.

Whether you’re quite familiar with Dungeons and Dragons and the Baldur’s Gate series, or you’re completely new to all of this, there’s no shame in admitting to those times when the race or class you chose, or the stat point you allocated, needs a bit of tweaking.

7 Legendary Items

Dark-skinned elf with white hair holding modded crossbows, a shield, and a mace in different scenes from Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by Oiff, Legendary Items adds an impressive variety of legendary weapons and gear to the game. Some additions sound epic, like the Doom Axe or the Hungering Hammer, while others come across as comical, like the Crossbow of Many Bolts, or the Grippy Gloves.

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With so much to choose from, you’re practically guaranteed to find at least one useful item, regardless of the class you’re playing. Heck, you can even dual wield a pair of hand crossbows if you like the idea of that.

6 Enhanced Gear Progression

An elven character with white hair and clean chainmail armor in Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by Naxesss, Enhanced Gear Progression adds all the normal, plus one, and plus two versions of the generic weapons and armors from the base game into treasure tables. In effect, this can help progression feel a bit better by offering more chances at better gear as you loot and level.

The mod won’t throw off the balance of the campaign either, thankfully. The plus two variants of weapons, for example, will only have a 0.08% chance of appearing in treasure tables once you’re level three or higher, which is quite rare.

5 Buy Your Starting Equipment

A trading user interface in Baldurs Gate 3 using a modded trader.

Also created by lostsoulman, Buy Your Starting Equipment makes sure that you start the game with the gear and items you prefer, so long as you have enough gold to do so. You’ll start with no weapons or armor, but you’ll have gold based on your class and a trader to interact with.

If you harm or attack the trader in any way, they will refuse to trade with you. Pickpocketing really isn’t a great idea either if you were thinking of that option.

Make sure you buy everything you want before leaving, because the trader is only in the tutorial level.

4 More Feats

Information on a new, modded feat in Baldurs Gate 3 regarding crossbows.

Created by Djmr, More Feats changes some existing feats within the game and adds a ton of brand-new ones. Some of the new feats allow for more interesting and dynamic builds, like Medium Armor Master, which negates stealth disadvantages for armors like scale or half plate.

While some of the fixed feats from the mod have been officially patched or reworked by Larian Studios, there are some, like Shield Master, that still need to be addressed; so it’s nice that this mod covers that for you.

3 Basket Full Of Equipment

A bright red yet shadowy area with a player finding a basket full of equipment in Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by AnteMaxx, Basket Full of Equipment adds an incredible amount of items and a few neat spells. If you’re curious about the numbers, there are over 600 pieces of equipment for humanoid races and a little over 100 for races shorter in stature.

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Given the nature of modding and the content warning for the base game, sometimes these new pieces of equipment bug out and don’t display properly. Thus, it’s best to be ready for some unexpected nudity in-game at times, but that probably won’t be a problem if you’re playing at home.

2 5e Spells

A split image of a

Created by DiZ91891, 5e Spells is similar to Basket Full of Equipment, except it’s all about new and modified spells instead of gear. The mod covers everything from cantrips, all the way to ninth-level spells, so there’s content to utilize regardless of your level.

The new spells are more abundant for lower-level characters, with most of them falling between cantrips and fifth-level spells. The Nexus Mods page gives a wealth of information if you need it, and the author, so far, has been giving regular updates and fixes.

1 Tav’s Hair Salon

A split image of the same feminine-presenting Elf with different hairstyles in Baldurs Gate 3.

Created by KittenTails, Tav’s Hair Salon is your one-stop shop for any character hairstyle you’d ever need. The variety and quality of each new hairstyle are rather stunning, and it shows how much effort was put into the mod.

While there are hairstyles available for any gender, you’ll get the most value out of this mod if you prefer playing as feminine-presenting characters; that’s where the variety and novelty of each style are most plentiful.

Finally, you can slay monsters and explore the world with style.

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