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Whenever a boss fight starts in Dave The Diver, you can usually either use your weapons or are provided with means to defeat the boss. Although, some enemies cannot be defeated because of the effect of Divine Fruit on them. You first saw this while visiting Abandoned Cave in chapter four.



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This stays the same when you go against the Giant Gadon during chapter five. It’ll take you a while to even get to the boss, and most of the fight is simply about getting away from it. Here’s how you can easily get past this enemy without too much hassle.

How To Find The Giant Gadon

Dave The Diver Giant Gadon Cave

Once you get the special key from the Abandoned Cave, the ruler of Sea People will ask you to go to the Glacier Passage. This area is divided into different rooms, and you have to solve a bunch of mirror reflection and rotating puzzles to get past it. At some point, you’ll also have to get a Crowbar from Cobra.

After solving all the puzzles, you’ll enter a dark room with a single Divine Fruit hanging near you. As you hit the fruit, the room will light up and the Gadon will be revealed. It’ll instantly try to kill you but Dave will manage to enter a room using the current. This is where the chase begins.

Giant Gadon Boss Fight Guide

Dave The Diver Giant Gadon Hand Charging

During the first part, you’ll have icicles randomly appearing on the top and bottom parts while you’re constantly swimming away from the Gadon. You have to press the right button to go forward on the path. If you don’t press this button, you’ll slowly go to the left side and eventually get eaten by the boss.

After a bit, the enemy will start charging up a hand. A few seconds after charging, it’ll try to grab you. Focusing on its hand during the charge will help you dodge it. If it’s at the top of the path, simply move to the bottom and vice-versa. After dodging a few grabs, the boss will stomp the ground behind you.

Dave The Diver Falling Icicle

A few seconds after the stomp, you’ll see smaller icicles falling in front. There will be two waves of them, and you can simply go to the bottom of the field for the first one to dodge them all. There’ll be a gap in between where you won’t see the icicles, after which they’ll appear again.

You can’t stay at the bottom on the second wave because there’ll be a few ice structures that’ll hit you. If you get hit by an ice structure, your oxygen will get reduced and the Gadon will get closer as well. After the second wave, it’ll start charging an attack and you’ll see a Divine Fruit in front.

Dave The Diver Hitting Divine Fruit

As soon as the screen goes back to you after showing the Divine Fruit, start going up as fast as you can. You have to be close to the fruit by the time you reach it. The game slows down after you reach there and you’ll see a white arc on your screen. This arc moves based on what you press on your movement keys.

Slowly take it to the fruit and you’ll see a QTE (quick-time event) appear. Press the required button to hit the fruit and slow down the boss. A little after this scene, you’ll reach a dead end but another path will open with a small cutscene.

Dave The Diver Path Covered With Icicles

This time, you’ll be going down instead of going to the right. Naturally, you’ll have to press the button to take you downward if you want to make some distance from the Gadon. You’ll see the ice structures appearing on the left and right sides, but they’ll be much bigger than before and you can’t easily dodge them.

The best strategy is to stay in the middle and move slightly to the left or right based on the appearing structures. Only the longest structures will need you to move in these directions. Eventually, you’ll reach the bottom and start swimming to the right again.

Dave The Diver Small Path Between Ice

You won’t be able to use any trick on this part because the ice structures will get much bigger and they’ll only have enough space for Dave to pass by between them. For this part, you’ll have to pay attention to the structures ahead and even go a little to the left sometimes so you can avoid getting hit.

If you take enough hits to run out of oxygen in the middle of a fight or get caught by Gadon, you’ll start from the last checkpoint.

Thankfully, the game doesn’t require you to start the battle all over again unless you go back to the boat.

Dave The Diver QTE With Gadon

To end the fight, you’ll be faced by two QTEs just after the exit is shown to you all the way to the right. Successfully hitting them will take you to the Glacial Area where Suwam will save you and defeat the Gadon. This is the only boss in the game where you won’t get any meat to make a dish at the restaurant since it’s not a fish that you defeated.

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