How To Beat The Truck Hermit Crab In Dave The Diver

It’s time to venture through the vortex and tackle the Truck Hermit Crab boss in Dave the Diver.

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Dave the Diver isn’t just about catching fish and serving sushi — you’ll have your fair share of missions to complete and bosses to beat, too. Each chapter ends in an epic boss battle, but there are also optional baddies to conquer.



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Your first optional boss will appear as part of the ‘Stormy Night’ mission given to you by Sato. He’ll appear in the evening during Chapter Three and tell you about a vortex that has a creature within he wants you to defeat to earn the Marinca Super Rare Card. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Find The Vortex

Dave the Diver beside the vortex for the Stormy Night mission.

Sato will appear at night to tell you about this new phenomenon — the vortex. It’s found relatively close to the surface at about 15m depth. You simply need to go up to it and interact with it to enter the boss’s lair.

Should you miss the Vortex and fail the mission when the chapter ends, don’t worry as it will reappear when the next stormy night happens in-game.

How To Defeat The Truck Hermit Crab

The Truck Hermit Crab in Dave the Diver.

While you might want to grab an O2 can or two from any nearby dispatch chests before heading into the vortex, there’s no point worrying about your weapons before this battle because they won’t have any effect on the Truck Hermit Crab boss.

Its heavy truck body protects it from normal attacks, so you’ll have to resort to a different tactic. When the boss attacks, red explosive barrels will drop from the ceiling. You’ll want to pick these up and carry them above the Truck Hermit Crab and drop them on top of it so they explode and deal damage.

Dave carring an explosive barrel above the Truck Hermit Crab in Dave the Diver.

While you are attempting to do this, watch out for the crab’s claws that are trying to attack you and any debris falling from the ceiling.

If you are hit by either of these while carrying the barrels, it will explode and damage you instead.

After a couple of barrel attacks, the crab will begin to protect its head. You have to use the same plan, but wait until it moves its claws to attack before you drop the barrel to ensure it does damage.

There is an O2 canister to the left of the screen if you need it, but if you get your timing right and avoid the boss’s attacks, this should be a fairly pain-free battle.

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