How To Unlock Every Ending In Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

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Oxenfree 2 is a bit more subtle than most games where choices matter. Riley and Jacob’s journey of self-discovery and the supernatural cares much more about the sum total of your decisions rather than a few big choices. That said, there is still one major decision that will impact the ending you receive – and even then your smaller actions will have an impact.



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Oxenfree 2 has three main endings, but there are lots of details in the epilogue that will change based on your interactions with the people of Camena throughout your trek. Read on to find out which choices matter.

This guide contains major spoilers.

Who Should You Send Through The Portal?

jacob, olivia, riley, and alex at the final portal in oxenfree 2: lost signals

At the very end of the game Riley, Jacob, Olivia, and Alex are caught between time, and one of them must stay behind to close the portal. This will send the others home and keep the portal from tearing apart reality. Alex tells Riley to choose who will make this sacrifice.


Olivia has been trying to reach this point for years, and immediately volunteers to close the portal so that she can spend eternity with her dead parents. If you allow Olivia to go, Riley, Jacob and Alex return to the real world. Riley meets Alex and Jacob the following morning in Camena, and the three of them are the only ones who remember the events of the previous night.

Riley expresses her uncertainty about whether sending Olivia was the right choice, but has to believe that Olivia is happy.


By approaching the portal, you can have Riley volunteer to close the portal herself. This is the only way that the player can see the world between time. Riley repeats a morning hike to Camber Cape with young Rex forever, and a radio in town gives her updates on what her friends are up to in the real world.


Unlike Riley and Olivia, who will go through the portal if asked no matter what, Jacob can only be sent through the portal if he has not become friends with Riley or read Maggie’s final letter. If you ignore the hidden letters throughout the game and are mean to Jacob throughout the game, he will volunteer to enter the portal after Alex explains the situation – otherwise, he’ll stay silent and will refuse to enter the portal if asked.

Regardless of the status of your friendship, Jacob must be present to enter the portal – if you ask him to stay behind before setting out for Edwards Island, he naturally won’t be there at the finale.

If Jacob goes through the portal, Riley talks to Alex in Camena the following morning, then resolves to take care of Athena, Jacob’s dog.

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Alex’s Box

alex's box on mr. poverly's workbench at the end of oxenfree 2: lost signals

The game’s epilogue is shown from a first-person perspective as the player unpacks a box from Alex, containing mementos of Riley’s journey. The contents depend on whom you helped throughout the night, and each object shows a pie chart comparing your actions to those of everyone else who has completed the game.

Side Quest Items

There are several side quests that you can complete by contacting people with your radio during the game. Each character whose quest you complete will send an object in the box:


Walkie Channel




National Parks Service patch



Signed book



Air Force dog tag



Tin of cookies



Souvenir mug

Violet, Charlie, and Olivia

The audio recorder in the box contains an old cell phone that belonged to Olivia. It contains a voicemail from Violet, which will change based on whether Olivia went through the portal and, if not, whether Olivia stayed in Camena to try and move on from her parents’ deaths.

If Olivia didn’t go through the portal, you’ll also receive an audio recording of her in therapy. If Riley was able to befriend Olivia, you see that the young woman is starting to heal – otherwise, she holds onto her bitterness and resentment forever.


If Jacob didn’t go through the portal, the box contains evidence of his life after the game’s events. If he didn’t befriend Riley, he stays stuck in his rut. If Riley and Jacob become friends, though, he opens a gallery showing for his sculptures and starts to come out of his shell.

If Jacob went through the portal, you’ll instead receive an audio clip from Maria’s radio show suggesting that Jacob still appears in the area as a ghost from time to time.


The final letter reveals the identity of the box’s recipient, and is based entirely on whether Riley went through the portal. If Riley returns to the real world, the box is addressed to Rex, and is assumed to have been sent decades after the events in Camena. If Riley goes through the portal, Alex sends the box to Riley’s father instead since Rex is never born. In this case, you can see several pieces of electrician’s equipment around the box.

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