The Best Ability Combinations In FFXVI

Final Fantasy 16 gives you plenty of tools to wreak havoc across the land of Valisthea. On top of Clive’s formidable skill with a sword, our protagonist also comes equipped with a whole host of Eikon abilities, granting you an elemental edge over your enemies.



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Each Eikon whose abilities you’ll unlock has its own suite of attacks, from powered-up punches and kicks to a blazing inferno that will engulf everything in sight. These abilities can be mixed and matched later on in your quest, and some work better together than others. Here are a few of the most effective combinations.

7 Scarlet Cyclone And Pile Drive

Final Fantasy 16 Scarlet Cyclone and Pile Drive screenshots

Some of the earliest Eikon abilities you acquire in the game prove to be extremely useful throughout, such as the Phoenix’s Scarlet Cyclone ability. This spinning attack will affect all enemies that surround you while simultaneously pulling them in closer to you.

The Scarlet Cyclone attack pairs well with a few different AOE abilities, but Ramuh’s Pile Drive is a nice choice because of how speedy it is. As soon as the Scarlet Cyclone draws your enemies in, you can follow up with the powerful lightning attack to strike your enemies quickly and effectively.

6 Gouge And Flare Breath

Final Fantasy 16 Gouge and Flare Breath screenshots

The Wind Eikon Garuda has a series of abilities that strike fast and often, clawing at opponents rapidly. Many of these abilities, like Gouge, don’t hit for a lot of damage, but they can be extremely effective in tearing away at your enemy’s stagger meter, making Gouge especially useful to whittle away at them until their fully staggered.

Once you manage to stagger your enemy, an excellent follow-up attack is Bahamut’s Flare Breath. This fire-breathing ability deals a lot of damage, but it limits your mobility as you pump a stream of blue flame directly at your opponents. Using Gouge to stagger foes and then assaulting them with Flare Breath will see their health bars melting away.

5 Aerial Blast And Impulse

Final Fantasy 16 Aerial Blast and Impulse screenshots

Garuda’s largest and most impactful ability is her Aerial Blast. With this skill, you’ll conjure up a massive cyclone that follows your opponents, inflicting continuous stagger damage on them while chipping away at their health. Smaller enemies will even be swept away into the tornado, hovering in midair while taking continuous damage.

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While Aerial Blast is incredibly useful, sometimes the cyclone can make it difficult to see every enemy you’re dealing with, or to reach them effectively. Combining it with Bahamut’s impulse ability can help mitigate this issue, as it sends a host of powerful orbs to attack your enemies repeatedly, homing in on them and hitting them repeatedly before disappearing.

4 Lightning Rod And Dancing Steel

Final Fantasy 16 Lightning Rod and Dancing Steel

Ramuh’s lightning-based abilities can make for very interesting combinations, as they have the potential to bolster the damage of other attacks. One of the most unique of these is the Lightning Rod ability, which places a small orb of lightning energy in a singular spot on the battlefield.

The orb placed by the Lightning Rod ability will discharge a burst of electricity every time it’s struck, meaning that your other abilities will unleash it as well. This works beautifully with abilities that attack multiple times in a row, such as Odin’s devastating Dancing Steel ability.

3 Arm Of Darkness And Gungir

Final Fantasy 16 Zantetsuken and Gungir screenshots

Odin’s ability set is perhaps the most unique in the game, as they all work in tandem with one another. Odin’s Eikonic Feat, Arm of Darkness, is an ability that changes Clive’s weapon for Odin’s weapon, imbuing your attacks with a dark flair and charging up the “Zantetsuken” meter in the left-hand corner of the screen.

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Using the Arm of Darkness ability along with abilities like Gungir, which sees the Arm of Darkness spun wildly to unleash a flurry of attacks, will quickly charge the Zantetsuken, allowing it to be unleashed when you’re ready. Charging the Zantetsuken meter to different levels will change the attack that follows once you unleash it.

2 Mesmerize And Earthen Fury

Final Fantasy 16 Mesmerize and Earthen Fury screenshots

The frigid abilities of the Ice Eikon Shiva open up a few new possibilities for combining skills. For example, her Mermerize ability will send ice flying toward your nearby opponents, which then proceeds to draw them into Clive’s position.

Mesmerize can be used to great effect when combined with powerful AoE abilities, similarly to the Phoenix’s Scarlet Cyclone. One great option here is the Earth Eikon Titan’s powerful Earthen Fury ability, which causes a wave of damaging earth and rubble to cascade toward enemies. Using Mesmerize just before unleashing Earthen Fury can bring a ton of enemies into range for the powerful blow.

1 Diamond Dust And Gigaflare

Final Fantasy 16 Diamond Dust and Gigaflare screenshots

Shiva’s most powerful ability, as is the case in multiple Final Fantasy titles, is the extremely powerful Diamond Dust. This large-scale attack will freeze enemies nearby in place, damaging them significantly in the process.

There are quite a few options with which you can capitalize on your weakened and frozen enemies, but one of the most effective options is Bahamut’s long-ranged Gigaflare blast, another series classic, which unleashes an intensely powerful beam of energy toward your opponents. Gigaflare’s range is massive, meaning that you should be able to use it against any frozen enemies that you can set eyes on after your Diamond Dust attack clears the way.

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