Every Place You Can Find A Helicopter In Grand Theft Auto 5

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Grand Theft Auto games is fly around the city. Driving is fun, too, but there is something so satisfying about being up in the sky and peering down at the streets below. Yet, like in real life, you don’t just see flying vehicles around every corner. They’re in specific locations like atop helipads or in airports.



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This makes sense as you wouldn’t park your very expensive helicopters or planes out where the general public can get their hands on them. The people of Los Santos have the same mentality. However, there are still places where you can acquire a helicopter. These are all the spots.

8 Davis’s Sheriff Station

Grand Theft Auto 5 Davis's Sheriff Station Split Location

While doing missions for Franklin’s friend Tonya – someone who isn’t among the most likable characters in the game – you pick up and drop off a tow truck from a car park next to Davis’s Sheriff Station.

So after driving around in that slow vehicle, you may want to head next door to acquire something quicker. This is because the Sheriff Station has a police chopper on the roof you can steal. To reach it, you must go around to the back of the building and climb up the ventilation.

7 Central Los Santos Medical Center

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Showing Los Santos Medical Center Location

Most hospitals have helipads to allow air ambulances to deliver patients quickly. It can save lives. Yet, this is Grand Theft Auto, so who cares about people’s lives? The helipads are still useful, though, as they sometimes have helicopters parked on them.

They aren’t there all the time, but it’s a regular spawn point. And luckily, on the southwest part of the Medical Center, there are various ladders and sets of stairs that give you easy access to the roof. So, if any helicopters have spawned, you can quickly reach them.

6 Los Santos Naval Port

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Showing Port Naval Location

Few helicopters are harder to get your hands on than the one at the Los Santos Naval port. This is because the place is run by Merryweather security, who don’t want random criminals walking around. And they aren’t the only threat, as the police also get involved when you enter the area. In fact, you get a four-star wanted level just by taking a step in the restricted zone.

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So, getting this chopper means putting up with plenty of adversaries, includuing attack helicopters. It’s not really worth it unless you are desperate for a chopper and none of the others on the map have spawned.

5 Vespucci Police Station

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Vespucci Police Station

The Vespucci area is one of the best in Los Santos and is among the reasons the city is so beloved. However, most of the fun you have in the area is likely to be ruined by the Vespucci Police Force. Yet, these cops do have their uses. For example, a helicopter regularly spawns on top of their station.

Getting up there isn’t easy, though. You need to climb up various ladders that you can only reach by walking up the stairs in the car park. It’s a hassle, and the helicopter isn’t even always there. So, it’s not the recommended way of getting a chopper.

4 Vespucci Helipad

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Showing Vespucci Helipad Location

The Vespucci Helipad is one you can buy and own. But if you want to save money, you can typically find a helicopter already there. It’s controlled by an NPC, who can often be seen landing or taking off from the spot. You can relieve them of their vehicle and fly away.

Unfortunately, it won’t always be there for you to take. But if you’re close by and in the market for a chopper, it’s worth having a look since you don’t need to climb anything to reach it. You can just walk up to the helipad.

3 NOOSE Government Facility

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Showing NOOSE Government Facility Location

You interact with several government agents throughout the main story. They always cause you trouble, so you deserve some compensation, which you can get in the form of a helicopter.

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Admittedly, the chopper doesn’t come from the FIB building where most of the antagonists work. Instead, it can be found at the NOOSE facility, which is outside of Los Santos to the east. Once you get there, you can easily climb up the southernmost building using ladders. On top of it, you can usually find a helicopter.

2 Fort Zancudo​​​​​

Grand Theft Auto 5 Split Image Of Fort Zancudo Location

The most dangerous place to get a helicopter is Fort Zancudo. You get a four-star wanted level just from entering it. And once inside, you’re not dealing with police. This is a military base, after all, meaning soldiers with easy access to tanks are trying to kill you. Therefore, it’s hard to survive in the base for more than a few minutes.

The plus side is there are several helipads next to the runway that regularly have choppers parked on them. Unfortunately, getting a helicopter out of there and away from danger without being blown up is very difficult unless you use some cheats.

1 Owned Helipads

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshot Of Sandy Shores Helipad

Stealing isn’t the only way to get helicopters in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can also get helicopters legitimately by buying them through the in-game internet or acquiring them during missions. Once you do, you can spawn the vehicles from any helipad you own. Trevor acquires the one in Sandy Shores early in the game, while Michael or Franklin can purchase the one in Vespucci.

Not only do these helipads contain the vehicles you buy, but you also can keep any of the others you acquire there. So, for instance, if you steal a chopper, you can bring it back to a helipad to keep it.

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