Survival, a new Asian-style RPG, opens pre-registration for Android and iOS

Ghost Master: Survival is a new Asian-style MMORPG that is now open for pre-registration for Android and iOS devices. As a player, you will assume the role of a celestial master skilled in demon-taming and a shaman proficient in devil-slaying.

Experience and relive the epic battles of the 20th-century Asian folklore

The backdrop goes back to the early 20th century, when wars raged, and tormented souls emerged. A demon-taming master reinforced a seal on a thousand-year-old devil king to prevent his release. Yet, a Buddha beads unwittingly awakened a vengeful ghost princess of immense power. To save innocent lives, the master gathered formidable allies to join the war of the century against the evil ghost princess.

Ghost Master: Survival gameplay
Image via Pisces Game

You are put in the shoes of the master here, commanding Taoist magic to defeat evil. Combat is crafted meticulously, where various event dungeons await your exploration. Facing evil vampires with different abilities is a tough task, for which classic devil-slaying artifacts such as Peach Wood Sword, Purple Rice, Spirit Calling Bell, and Cinnabar as you like to achieve different effects are present to help.

The game offers various interactive modes, including Master and Apprentice, Sworn Brothers, Loyal Lovers, and Marriage of Heirs. Although not much detail isn’t available regarding these modes, the names promise to offer a spectacle of Asian folklore. To celebrate the different milestones, pre-registration rewards are also being distributed.

Ghost Master: Survival is now available for pre-registration for Android devices via the Google Play Store and iOS devices via the App Store. The global release is anticipated to occur in mid-2023, making the platform available online worldwide.

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