How To Beat Pandemonium In FFXVI

Pulling off a precision dodge is one of the most satisfying things you can do in Final Fantasy 16. Learning and adapting to enemy habits in order to dodge attacks is a fun and rewarding aspect of the game’s combat. However, some enemies have attacks that leave us spamming dodge and hoping for the best.



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Pandemonium is a Notorious Mark that tests your ability to dodge by making their fight feel like a bullet hell. This hunt is available during the Footfalls in Ash main quest. The Stained Loincloth received from this monster is used to create The Sons of Ouroboros, making the fight well worth the trouble.

Where To Find Pandemonium

Pandemonium's location on the map near Wolfdarr.

Pandemonium is located in Wolfdarr, Ash Deadlands. Travel to the Obelisk on The Shadow Coast and head along the path.

Take a left before the gate near Skaithfarr, and head down this path towards the giant door. Approach this door and Pandemonium will come out to greet you.

How To Beat Pandemonium

Pandemonium's hunt details.

Pandemonium’s magical attacks and ability to teleport is what makes them worthy of their S-rank.

So many spells will cover the battlefield that it will feel like a maze trying to navigate through each attack.

For this fight, you will need to be constantly aware of your position and which attacks are active.



Magic Missiles

Pandemonium will shoot four red magic projectiles from their club.

These missiles will hone in on you, so you can either run around them or precision dodge through them. This attack can be used multiple times in a row, forcing you to continue dodging until the attack ends.

Downward Swing

Pandemonium takes their club in one hand and swings it downward.

This attack is often used when you’re close to Pandemonium. You can tell when they’re about to swing their club when it glows red. Unlike other giant enemies, these swings come out quickly.

Horizontal Swing

Pandemonium swings their club horizontally in a wide range.

Another attack used when you’re close to Pandemonium, prepare to dodge when their club starts glowing red.

Electric Pools

Pandemonium casts many small rings on the field, after a few seconds, they erupt with electricity.

Avoid the small circles to prevent getting zapped. Since the explosion happens a few seconds after this magic is cast, you don’t need to panic if you’re initially standing in range of one of the circles.

Miniature Explosion

Pandemonium casts several magic projectiles that combine and explodes where you stand.

Explosions will continue spawning at your current location for a few moments. Simply running away is enough to avoid this attack. You have to keep moving until this attack ends since several explosions will occur.


Pandemonium will charge up a magical blast that strikes everything within a few feet.

When Pandemonium brings their arms close to their chest and hunches over, they’re beginning to charge an explosion. The moment they start to move their arms outward is when the explosion will happen. You will need to back away when Pandemonium is charging an explosion, the timing on a precision dodge is very strict.

Sanguine Rite

Pandemonium casts a red magic sphere to fall into the ground and explode.

This is the first attack Pandemonium uses in this fight. As their health dwindles, each time it uses this attack there will be more spheres. Pandemonium will also combine Sanguine Rite with other attacks like his Magic Missiles and Electric Pools. Look out for any time their club is raised towards the sky and prepare to avoid the onslaught of attacks.

Rictus of Horror

Pandemonium aims their club at you and fires a massive laser.

If you fail to dodge this attack, you’ll most likely die. Whenever you see Pandemonium’s club aimed at you, just keep moving. Try running instead of going for a precision dodge or use abilities like Shiva’s Cold Snap to cover ground quickly. Pandemonium will also go for a mix-up later in the fight by teleporting while charging this attack. It’s also safe to run around this variation of the attack as well.

Pandemonium’s strength lies in their ability to use multiple spells in conjunction. For example, whenever they cast their magic missiles, they will also cast miniature explosions.

Only press the attack once the spells have finished being cast, since many of them cover a wide area or chase you.

Always watch for Pandemonium’s position when they teleport. They will use spells as cover to teleport close to you and quickly strike with a club attack. Use this opportunity to press the attack, since club swings leave them vulnerable.

Don’t be afraid to use Eikonic abilities when you have an opening. Pandemonium’s staggering amount of health can make this fight drag on if you fail to take advantage of every opportunity to strike.

If you can master the timing, Shiva’s Cold Snap is great for creating more openings for you to use strong abilities like Dancing Steel and Judgment Bolt.

Rewards For Defeating Pandemonium

After taking down the king of the castle, you’ll receive the following:



Ability Points





Stained Loincloth x1

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