The Best Expert Mode Exclusive Drops In Terraria

As a sandbox survival game, Terraria allows you to fully customize your gaming experience. Before you start a game, you can choose the difficulty you play on, which affects enemy strength, as well as the drops you receive. On higher difficulties, you will have a chance to obtain more valuable items.



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When starting a world on Expert mode, you will unlock an entirely new set of items that drop from bosses. These Expert mode-exclusive drops can be game-changing, providing helpful buffs and powers to help you survive and thrive. Here, you can find the best Expert mode-exclusive items in Terraria.

These items are presented in no particular order.

7 Shield Of Cthulhu

Terraria Boss Fight with Eye of Cthulhu

First up, we have the Shield of Cthulhu. This defensive item drops from the Eye of Cthulhu boss and is quite helpful if you plan on taking on tough bosses later in the game. Typically, the Eye of Cthulhu is one of the first bosses that you face in the game, due to its simple summoning requirements. As such, you can get this strong shield pretty early.

With this shield, you will gain the ability to do a dash attack. This essentially causes you to charge toward an enemy and deal damage. In addition to this attack, you will gain two defense while the Shield of Cthulhu is equipped.

6 Soaring Insignia

Terraria Empress of Light boss battle

The Soaring Insignia drops from the Empress of Light, and provides an array of mobility buffs. With this, you will have unlimited flight time when you have Wings or Rocket Boots. Additionally, you will now have increased jump height, flying speed, and in-air mobility.

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As you can see, this is an essential item for those of you who like to explore the sky. It’s important to note that this item really only works if you already have Wings. Interestingly, it does pair well with flying mounts, as they use this power too. Wings can be hard to obtain at times, but thankfully, we have a wing object later on our list.

5 Demon Heart

The Demon Heart is often considered one of the best Expert mode drops in the game. This item drops from the Wall of Flesh, who serves as the final boss before your world switches over to Hardcore. In general, this boss can be a pain to deal with, so if you are taking it on in Expert mode, it can be quite a challenge.

This is a consumable item that permanently gives you one accessory slot. Veteran Terraria players know that accessory slots are quite valuable; there are tons of accessories in the game, but you will only be able to equip a few.

4 Suspicious Looking Tentacle

Terraria Moon Lord

The Moon Lord acts as the final boss of Terraria, and can often be quite difficult to defeat. You will need to follow the basic boss progression, improve your armor and weapons, and prepare an area to battle. After all this, you will need to face this giant Cthulhu. If you manage to do this on Expert mode, you will be rewarded with the Suspicious Looking Tentacle.

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This is a type of pet that exposes any nearby enemies, treasure, pots, and ore. You may be thinking, “Aren’t there accessories that do that?”. This little tentacle is a pet, which means that it doesn’t take up an accessory slot.

3 Celestial Starboard

terraria moon lord boss fight

This is another item that drops from the Moon Lord. The Celestial Starboard looks like a star-shaped hoverboard and has the ability to carry you all throughout the skies. While it looks like a board, this is a Wing-type accessory, giving you the ability to fly and hover.

This isn’t just any ordinary Wing accessory though. With the Celestial Starboard, you can hover in place, boost upward, and travel at incredibly high speeds. It can also be combined with the Soaring Insignia, turning this into a shooting star… board.

2 Worm Scarf

eater of worlds boss fight terraria

What’s so good about a little scarf? Well, this scarf comes from the Eater of Worlds, and reduces the damage that you take. With the Worm Scarf, you will have your damage taken reduced by 17 percent. The accessory looks like a normal scarf, making it ideal if you are going for a minimal appearance as well.

While this may not sound like the most amount of reduction, it can be the difference between life and death. The Worm Scarf also stacks with other damage-reducing items (potions and accessories), so you can take even less damage.

1 Shrimpy Truffle

Terraria Duke Fishron flying across the water

Lastly, we have the Shrimpy Truffle. This strange-looking item drops from Duke Fishron, who is an optional Hardmode boss that lives deep in the ocean. The item itself is actually a mount that can fly and hover forever.

With a mini Duke Fishron as a mount, you can travel through the skies and across water without worrying about falling down. When paired with the Soaring Insignia, you will have an epic mount capable of darting across the map in no time.

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