The 10 Best Cards For A Spider Typal MTG Deck

Spiders are a niche creature type in Magic: The Gathering. They receive solid support here and there but never truly anything spectacular to hold an entire Commander deck together. The printing of Shelob, Child of Ungoliant in The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth ushered in a massive spike in Spider popularity, which put the eight-legged critters back in the spotlight.



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Spiders aren’t mechanically deep or diverse, but they share some commonalities from one eight-legged cretin to the next. Deathtouch, reach, and graveyard abilities are frequent features of these creatures that you can lean into when building a Spider Commander deck. Whichever direction you take, some key cards should make just about any build you put together.

1 Shelob, Child Of Ungoliant

Shelob, Child of Ungoliant by Lorenzo Mastroianni

Shelob is solely responsible for putting Spider typal decks back on the map. It has one of the largest power/toughness spreads for an all-upside creature, and it’s the only legendary Spider that actually bestows some benefit to your other arachnids.

Shelob wants your Spiders to deal damage to opposing creatures and make delicious copies of them, which makes your opponents unlikely to want to engage in combat with your otherwise tiny creatures. Spinning Wheel Kick and Setessan Tactics are multi-target fight and ‘bite’ spells that can force the issue.

2 Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Ishkanah, Grafwidow by Chrstine Choi

Despite being dethroned as the de facto Spider commander, Ishkanah, Grafwidow is still an auto-include in the 99. The sheer number of bodies it creates makes Ishkanah well worth it, even if its activated ability takes a big hit from being a single-target effect.

There’s a small delirium hurdle to jump through before casting Ishkanah. It encourages interesting deck-building choices and incentivizes you to play self-mill effects, fetchlands, and altogether diversify the card types in your deck. An otherwise weak card like Webspinner Cuff might make the cut just to up the artifact count for delirium.

3 Arachnogenesis

Arachnogenesis by Johannes Voss

Arachnogenesis is far and away the best support card this creature type has access to. It’s a one-sided fog that generates Spider tokens, which protects your life total and builds out your board.

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Arachnogenesis poses two interesting downsides. First, it only has a single printing and saw a massive price spike with the printing of Shelob, so it’ll likely be the most expensive card in an otherwise budget-friendly deck. Second, it’s the most obvious inclusion in any Spider deck, so savvy opponents will assume you have it and play around it accordingly.

4 Curse Of Clinging Webs

Curse of Clinging Webs by Marie Magny

Curse of Clinging Webs pulls double duty for a Spider-themed deck. It creates creepy crawlies and provides graveyard hate all in one package, making it both proactive and disruptive at the same time.

The Shelob version of this deck already wants a reasonable amount of removal to proc its Food-making ability, so a card that rewards you when your opponents’ creatures die is right at home. Although it will be rarely correct to do so, you can curse yourself with Clinging Webs if you’re anticipating a board wipe to turn all of your creatures into mini Penumbra Spiders.

5 Spider Spawning

Spider Spawning by Daniel Lunggren

Spider Spawning is probably the most recognizable Spider-themed card in Magic. It made a name for itself in Innistrad Limited and remains a steady fan favorite in other formats. It has one of the highest token-creating thresholds of any Spider card, save for maybe Arachnogenesis.

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Spider Spawning is one of the core reasons to up your self-mill count, and it can even be cast from the graveyard if it happens to get milled over. Be cautious of the anti-synergy between Spider Spawning and Rotwidow Pack, another staple of Spider Commander decks.

6 Lolth, Spider Queen

Lolth, Spider Queen by Tyler Jacobson

With a moniker like “Spider Queen,” Lolth hardly warrants an explanation. It’ll be one of the best cards in your deck, immediately putting out two Spiders that play offense and defense surprisingly well. The first ability keeps cards flowing, and Lolth’s passive allows her to build up counters and threaten her ultimate.

The emblem isn’t too impressive; It basically converts damage dealt by Spiders into increments of at least eight, which doesn’t equate to winning the game on the spot. Still, it’s a highly thematic and aesthetically appropriate ability for the deck.

7 Realmwalker

Realmwalker by Zack Stella

Realmwalker’s a bread-and-butter changeling that slots into pretty much any typal deck that doesn’t already have a wide swathe of card advantage tools. Elf decks, for example, can certainly use more card advantage but have a wide enough pool of cards to cover their bases. Spiders aren’t so lucky and provide very little card draw on their own.

Realmwalker helps fill the card advantage void for these decks while adding another Spider to the creature count. It’s simple, effective, and shores up one of the weaknesses of the deck.

8 Black Market Connections

Black Market Connections by Evyn Fong

If you anticipate building around multiple different creature types in the future, Black Market Connections should be a high-priority pick-up. It provides ramp, card draw, and board presence all at once and excels in typal decks thanks to the changelings it creates. AKA: Spider tokens.

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Spiders gum up the board and protect your life total reasonably well, which lets you spend life more liberally to maximize Connections. Even if you deconstruct your Spider deck down the road, Black Market Connections can slot into just about any other black deck you build.

9 Swarmyard

Swarmyard by Thomas M. Baxa

The overwhelming majority of Spider decks are two colors, which leaves room in the manabase for a few colorless utility lands. Swarmyard is an incredibly powerful utility land balanced out by two factors: It only taps for colorless mana and works only with a specific subset of under-supported creature types.

Regeneration won’t save your Spiders from every form of removal — namely, exile effects and bounce spells. However, it is enough to keep a Spider alive mid-combat or save it from a damage-based sweeper.

10 Blex, Vexing Pest – Search For Blex

Blex, Vexing Pest by Ekaterina Burmak

Blex, Vexing Pest is the only Spider anthem in Pauper, despite not being a Spider itself. Blex provides a fine generic lord effect for your Spider tokens, but it doesn’t actually count toward your other Spider-specific payoffs.

Search for Blex offers extra modality and justifies using a creature slot on a non-Spider. It’s a draw spell that can fill up your graveyard for cards like Spider Spawning and Ishkanah, Grafwidow. Using it for pure card advantage takes a sizable chunk out of your life total, so come prepared with lifegain to offset the damage.

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