Mobile Legends Neobeasts Event to soon arrive with Elite skins for free

A new event would soon be coming to the Original Server of the popular MOBA Game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This new event is named Neobeasts and would be featuring new event-exclusive skins for 2 Heroes, a Mage, and a Tank/Fighter Role Hero in Mobile Legends. More info about this event has been leaked in the Advanced Server of MLBB. Here we would be looking at what to expect from the upcoming MLBB Neobeasts event and an insight into how to get a Free Elite or better Grade skin.

Mobile Legends Neobeasts: Event Overview 

The new upcoming Neobeasts Event would be bringing about two New Event Exclusive Skins:

  • New Neobeast Skin for Fredrinn     
  • New Neobeast Skin for Lylia 
Mobile Legends Neobeasts Event
Fredrinn/ Lylia (Image via MOONTON Games)

Both Skins have quite intriguing visuals at that as observed in the event Wallpaper. However, the skin design hasn’t been completed on the advanced server. Nevertheless, currently, the event Draw seems to be somewhat similar to the Prizepool of other New Theme skins like the Exorcists or Superhero Skins.

Hence, players would get to Accumulate 1200 Crests to exchange for either of the skin. Since the chances of getting any of the skins from the draws are highly unlikely, players would have to draw multiple times before they can accumulate many Exchange Crests. 

Other Event info is that:

  • The first 1X draw every day would be discounted from 100 Diamonds to 50 diamonds. 
  • Whilst the first 10x Draw during the event would be discounted from 1000 diamonds to 700 diamonds.

More info still shows that the Event would also be debuting with Event Exclusive Emotes and recalls too. However, the event hasn’t been fully completed on the advanced server. Nevertheless, judging from Previous similar events one could expect it to cost over 100 Crests.

How to get free Elite or Better Skin from the MLBB Neobeasts Event 

The Event offers to grant a free Elite or Better Skin when they can perform up to 10 draws. Players who intend to perform a 10x draw for Free would have to maximize the free tokens from the Recharge Phases as well as Duplicate items, as Duplicates would be converted into extra tokens.

Though there are different Epic skins and even special skins in the event Draws Prizepool the chances of getting skins from draws are very low as the event Draws focuses on giving Crests to players.

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Image via MOONTON Games

As the event is still an ongoing work in progress on the advanced server, more info as Regards the events, its draws as well as full costs of Event exclusive items and exclusive rewards would be given as soon as the event is completed in the advanced server.

What do you think about the upcoming Neobeasts Event Mobile Legends? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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