Best Heart Events In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

While there’s definitely plenty of active gameplay to keep you busy in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, some of the cutscenes in this game deserve their own spotlight. With so many characters in Forgotten Valley all with their own charms, seeing the locals live their lives alongside you is one of the charms.



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In this list, we’re ranking our favorite cutscenes and Heart Events from Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. This handful of your most tender moments cover happiness to sadness and everything in-between – their authenticity adds an extra layer of warmth to this already endearing farming sim.

9 The Introduction

story of seasons a wonderful life heart events takakura at the beach intro

Sure, there’s a lot to do once you get settle into your new life in Forgotten Valley, but there’s also something so delightful about the game’s introduction. We begin with Takakura talking to his old best friend, your father, who’s passed away sometime in the last few years.

And whether you played the original 2003 version of A Wonderful Life or not, there’s still something so endearing about watching Takakura greet your newly-designed farmer at the bottom of Mountain Pass and show you around the farm you’re about to create. Even if starting fresh feels like a lot, you’re at the very beginning of the game with nothing but A Wonderful Life ahead of you.

8 Rock’s First Impression

story of seasons a wonderful life rock introducing himself

With eight bachelors and bachelorettes in the game, you may feel a bit overwhelmed for choice when you first move to town. Thankfully, Rock comes to introduce himself before long – as soon as he’s awake on your first day, which happens at a PM hour.

When you walk into town after 1:00 PM, Rock will call to you and introduce himself, asking you why you think everyone is so bothered by “working” and “being responsible.” Agreeing with Rock that work is dumb offers a slight boost to your initial friendship with him, too.

7 Molly (Often) Needs A Friend

story of seasons a wonderful life heart events molly on the bridge

When you first meet Molly, she’s standing on the bridge by your farm, bemoaning her dating woes as she takes a quiet moment to herself. And what you don’t know your first year is, unless you marry Molly before Year Two, she’ll keep getting her heart broken like this – forever.

While her relationships evolve over the course of her life, you’ll usually start Spring listening to Molly tell you about her most recent breakup. Whether it’s worrying about other women, or starting to fret about her age, you’ll spend plenty of Spring mornings comforting your friend if you don’t make her your wife.

6 The First Chapter Seven Cutscene

story of seasons a wonderful life cutscene baddoch cecilia and your child when you pass away in chapter seven

Though you’ll have had plenty of warning that it’s coming, the ending of your Wonderful Life can still kind of take you by surprise. And even if you do know it’s coming to round out your incredible six years of farming and friendship, the scene itself still tugs at your heartstrings.

Your spouse and child awaken on Winter One of what would be Year Seven to find you unresponsive, and Baddoch arrives to formally pronounce your death. Before the credits, you’ll enjoy another heartwarming scene of friends from around Forgotten Valley remembering you fondly.

5 Growing Pains

story of seasons a wonderful life cutscenes cecilia and her daughter as a teenager arguing

Regardless of who you marry in Year One, you’ll have a child together, opening Pandora’s Box on an entirely new facet of your Wonderful Life – parenthood. And while there are always plenty of bright sides to being someone’s parent, there’s also plenty of heartache. After all, kids grow into teenagers, and teenagers are notoriously in-flux.

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And your child is no exception. They’ve been a sweet toddler and a curious child so far, but Chapter Four sees your child in the woes of their teen years, riding the highs and lows that come with being old enough not to be a kid but too young yet to be an adult. They’ve got plenty of time to be adults in later chapters, so grit your teeth through the terrible teens and embrace all there is to parenting.

4 Nina’s Races

story of seasons a wonderful life nina heart events running with hugh in forgotten valley

Though she’s unfortunately not present for the entire game, the time you get to spend with Nina is almost too precious for words. Throughout the first year, if you befriend the sweet little ladybug lady, you’ll occasionally find Nina working on her fitness and engaging in foot races around town.

She’s not very fast, though, which you see when she races the turtle at Turtle Pond, and the point is driven home when she challenges Hugh. Thankfully, the Harvest Sprites won’t let this little cutie fall behind, helping her power through the final race and all the way to victory.

3 The Starlight Concert

story of seasons a wonderful life cutscenes gavin telling you about the starlight concert date

The festivals and events in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life are a cute seasonal way to spend some time away from the farm, enjoying the other facets of life in Forgotten Valley. One such annual event is the Starlight Concert, which is held every Winter and sees Gustafa spending an evening entertaining the entire town with his guitar.

Once the show is over, the townsfolk notice some shooting stars, and you’re allowed to make one wish each year, guaranteed to come true. Both the wishes and the scene itself change over the years, often involving a moment of growth for your child.

2 Your Child And Takakura

story of seasons a wonderful life heart events takakura and your child at your house

Beginning in Year Two, once you and your new spouse have welcomed your bundle of joy into the world, Van begins selling toys that you can buy for your child. Simply buy the items when Van is in town and take them home, putting them into your child’s toy box, and enter your house again on a subsequent evening.

Each toy that Van sells triggers a super heartwarming scene that shows your toddler pestering Takakura to play with them, which he acts unsure of but agrees every time. Your farmer walks in to see the pair playing with assorted toys in the living room, and the only thing cuter than your child’s happy reaction is Takakura’s.

1 Your Wedding

story of seasons a wonderful life heart events cecilia at her wedding to your farmer saying her vows

Though the fact that you absolutely have to get married may be a down-side for some players, the actual scene of your wedding – the proposal, the announcement, and the ceremony itself – are some of the cutest in the game. After you go to sleep on Winter Ten of Year One, you start Spring One of Year Two as a relative newlywed.

If you didn’t get engaged during Year One, Takakura asks who you think is waiting to tell you they love you. Whoever you choose, of the bachelors and bachelorettes that like you enough to marry you, will arrive to confess their love, and you’ll end the day with a private ceremony at the Goddess Pond to swear your love to one another, officially beginning your Wonderful Life together.

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