Sonic Prime Fans Really Don’t Like The Chaos Council

Sonic Prime is back for a second season and despite skepticism prior to its arrival, fans of the blue blur seem to like the show’s second outing. Well, there is one thing they don’t appear to be all that enamored with. The Chaos Council. The group of villains made up of different versions of Dr. Robotnik that have returned for season two to once again try and thwart Sonic and conquer the universe.



If you’re unfamiliar with Prime and its ongoing storyline, don’t worry, I won’t spoil too much here. Its Chaos Council is five members strong, each member a slightly different version of Eggman, but it doesn’t include the original villain. I say slightly, one of the Robotniks is a baby, and another is a moody teenager. As entertaining as that might sound on the surface, Sonic fans don’t like it.

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The second episode of season two dropped this week, during which the Chaos Council was featured pretty prominently. That’s likely why most fans who have a problem with the group have decided to make that known on social media over the weekend. The recurring theme of these complaints appears to be an accusation that the group’s design and premise are somewhat uninspired. It is also being compared to what might well be the most famous group of Sonic villains ever, The Deadly Six.

“I’d take The Deadly Six and Infinite over these dipshits any day,” one fan writes. How eloquent. Although The Deadly Six didn’t technically include the original Robotnik, the OG Sonic baddie did try to harness the group’s power in his attempts to take down the hedgehog. Led by Zavok, the group was certainly a lot more colorful and varied than the Chaos Council which may well be why fans prefer it over the latest group brought in to try and stop Sonic.

The return of the Chaos Council seems to be the only thing Sonic fans don’t like about Prime season two so far. The reveal that Metal Sonic would be debuting in the show was met with a little bit of backlash as long-time blue blur aficionados weren’t all that enamored with the character’s design. However, the opinion on Prime’s Metal Sonic appears to have flipped since season two started airing.

Prime fans are also shipping Sonic and Shadow (because why wouldn’t they?), and have already been picking up on various references to games from throughout the hedgehog’s history. There are easter eggs from Unleashed, Adventure, and the Sonic movie in there, some of which we have already picked out if you’re struggling to find them.

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