The Most Valuable Animal Goods In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

While they may sometimes take a backseat to crop production, in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, animal products are still an interesting way to earn gold. By befriending the up to 32 individual animals that can live on your farm, you’ll increase the quality of the goods they produce and begin earning a pretty penny.



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In this list, we’re ranking the absolute best animal products in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Whether it’s their raw sale price, their artisan sale price, or their versatility, we hope this list will help you when it’s time to get new livestock.

8 Eggs

story of seasons a wonderful life takakura giving you a new chicken

There may not be anything super flashy about regular old Eggs, and that’s okay! If you’ve taken any steps toward your culinary goals and have begun preparing dishes in your kitchen, you’ll recognize what staples Eggs are when it comes to recipes.

And not only that, but several townsfolk enjoy receiving regular Eggs as gifts, too, making Eggs an easy to find and easily renewable source of presents. They may not sell for very much gold as just regular Eggs, but they more than serve their purpose in other ways.

7 Fertilized Eggs

story of seasons a wonderful life baby chick hatching farmer and the nature sprites in the coop

Riding the train with Eggs, though, Fertilized Eggs are just a step above their regular other variant. The same bonuses with recipes and gift-giving apply to Fertilized Eggs just as much as they do regular, but Fertilized Eggs can also be incubated to hatch a brand-new Chicken or Duck.

Sure, you can always buy more birds outright from the Ledger, but after buying a Chicken and a Rooster, you’re liable to receive Fertilized Eggs every single day. The only thing better than a new Chicken or Duck is one you didn’t have to buy.

6 Normal Milk

cow in the field story of seasons a wonderful life animal product sell prices

Takakura gifts you with a single Normal Cow the day you move onto your farm, and it’s all you’ll need to teach you the ins and outs of caring for livestock in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. And while Normal Milk might not sell for much, it’s an early-game staple.

When you’re first starting out your new life in Forgotten Valley, you’ll be in pretty dire need of gold, so having a free animal around who can be milked twice each day for a steady stream of income is a godsend.

5 Marble And Brown Milk

story of seasons a wonderful life brown cow marble cow in the pasture

Before you’ve unlocked the Processing Room for the steep startup fee of 150,000g, there’s not too much of a real difference between Marble and Brown Cows except for the specific type of Milk they produce. And while each cow makes a different kind of Milk – Marble and Brown, respectively – the separation won’t start quite yet.

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Brown and Marble Milks, when sold raw, fetch the same price as one another, meaning you won’t need to diversify the kinds of Cows in your Barn until you’ve finished that later-game artisan good purchase for the Processing Room.

4 Regular Cheese And Butter

story of seasons a wonderful life processing room using the butter maker shining making butter

That said, though, once you do cough up the cash to get the Processing Room, you’ll have entered a whole new chapter of earning an income on the farm. By processing the different Milks you’ve been collecting from your cows into Cheeses and Butters, you can multiply the sale price of your goods.

The grade of your Butter or Cheese is directly proportionate to the kind of milk and the grade of said bottle that you fed into the machine. While you can use any Milk product in any machine, Brown Milk boosts the final grade of your Butters, and using Marble Milk in Cheese will do the same.

3 Star Milk

story of seasons a wonderful life star cow being brushed

We sure hope you’re not processing all your animal goods into artisan goods, though, because Star Milk sells for much more gold raw than it ever will as Butter or Cheese. While Star Cows have the highest selling price in the Ledger, coming it at a cool 50,000g for a milk-producing female, Star Milk fetches quite a sale price on its own.

However, as we alluded to, don’t use it in the Processing Room. Since Star Milk doesn’t convert to anything special like Brown or Marble Milks, you’ll end up with the same product from Star Milk as you do from Normal Milk. Sell it raw to make the most gold!

2 Goat Cheese And Butter

story of seasons a wonderful life goat and sheep in pasture

We’ve tied these two animal products, since they sell for the same price regardless of which item you’ve made your Goat Milk into, but using Goat Milk in the Processing Room is a fast-track to making a lot of cash. While the Goat itself has a relatively high initial cost, the Milk she’ll produce brings in some real money.

Even the lowest-grade Goat Cheese sells for more than the highest grade of regular Cheese, so it’s definitely wise to save your Goat Milk for once you’ve got your Processing Room. The Milk itself sells for quite a lot, but if you can resist, the windfall you’ll get with Goat Butter and Goat Cheese is impressive.

1 Golden Wool

story of seasons a wonderful life farmer and nature sprites with a sheep

With the highest selling price of any animal product in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, finally shearing a bundle of Golden Wool off one of your Sheep is the first step into a real windfall. With each piece of Golden Wool selling for a whopping 6,000g, piling some of these puffy cuties into your Barn will never be a bad idea.

All the wools you’ll collect sell for quite a lot, but with the effort to befriend your Sheep, you’ll be rolling in gold when they’re ready to give you their own kind of Gold, too. This gets even better when you unlock the Blessed Shears, which allows you to collect two pieces of Wool when shearing your Sheep. And if that wool is gold, too, you’ve suddenly got a five-digit amount of cash.

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