How To Complete Every Dino Survival Mission In Exoprimal

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Dino Survival mode is the meat and potatoes of Exoprimal. At launch, it is the sole mode, and it would appear that the game has largely been balanced around it.



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Dino Survival can basically be split into two halves. The first half is a race that involves completing a number of objectives. The Second half is often a showdown of sorts, but this time you will be able to interact with the opposing team in one shape or another.

General Dino Survival Notes

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Victory Fistbump

At first, you will likely think that Dino Survival is a PvE-style online shooter mode that has randomized objectives. And, sure, that is true. But there is a little more to it than that. The missions you will encounter are not simply randomized. As you get further into the game, and enhance your player level, it would appear as though you start to encounter a wider variety of tougher missions.

Initially, the majority of missions will be variations of Dino Cull and the final mission will typically be Data Key Security. While Dino Cull is the game’s bread and butter, the other mission types will become far more prevalent as you play.

Dino Cull

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, A swarm of dinos in the Dino Cull

This is going to be the objective you encounter the most. A number of dinosaurs will flood the area, and you need to clear them out. When this occurs, there will be a counter at the top of the screen that will tell you how many of each dinosaur you need to kill in order to complete these objectives.

We want to emphasize this point again… YOU ONLY NEED TO KILL THE DINOSAURS LISTED AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. One of the biggest, most prominent mistakes people make is to just keep slashing and shooting away at the mobs when they need to be hunting for a specific dinosaur.

Minor Threats

The primary variation here will be found in which dinosaur floods the arena. There are basically three levels of dino encounter. The first level of threat will flood the arena with weak dinosaurs. Typically, you will face off against raptors or pterodactyls. When fighting the weakest dinos, you will often be clearing out a hundred or so, though, later in the game you will occasionally need to kill up to a thousand or so dinosaurs. Yes, the scale gets that massive.

As the game progresses, and you level up, you will start encountering swarms of Sinornithosauruses (these are the ankle biters), Baryonyxes, and Suchomimuses.

Medium Level Threats

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Fighting the Evoker

The second type is a medium-level dinosaur threat, which will typically take the form of the Pachycephalosaurus. In earlier stages, you will only need to fight one of these, but you will start having to take out pairs of them, alongside weaker dinosaurs, in later stages.

The pachycephalosaurus’ big attack is a head ram. It will charge this attack up, giving you plenty of notice. Roadblock’s shield ability is extremely useful for stopping this dinosaur in its tracks.

Later on, you will also need to fight the Dilophosaurus, which is a dinosaur that will poison you, as well as a whole host of Neosaurs, some of whom will explode, go invisible, or shoot you from the distance.

Major Threats

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Shooting the T. Rex

Lastly, you have the large-level threats, at the moment the two larger threats you’ll encounter are the Carnotaurus and the triceratops. These are, for all intents and purposes boss fights. Most of these encounters will have you face off against these dinosaurs 5v1, but there is a final confrontation that will pair them with some of the less powerful dinosaurs.

When the large dinosaurs are spawning on the battlefield, it takes them a few seconds to fully emerge. This is a great opportunity to unload on them with your most powerful weapons.

As you progress, you will also start facing off against the Ankylosaurus, which takes very little damage unless you pinpoint its few fleshy spots, and the T. Rex, which is like a bigger, badder version of the Carnotaurus. Of course, there are more than just these, and there will surely be more dinosaurs added in the future.

Protect The Area

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, A beacon in the Protect The Area mission

This mission calls for you to huddle up around a beacon. The more members of your team in the designated area, the quicker the beacon will charge. Prepare to spam the “gather up” emote. Because do people not like to stay in that designated area.

Team composition really helps here. The Witchdoctor’s healing field is extremely helpful, and Roadblock’s shield will help give you an advantage when you are trying to ward off the oncoming wave of dinos.

There is also a mid-boss variation of this mission where you will need to fend off an endless supply of Pteranodons. Obviously, your best bet for dealing with these swarms of flying lizards is to have a healthy supply of tanks and shields, but worse case scenario, you can find little pockets that aren’t being hit by Pteranodons, but are still in the designated area.

Defend The Object

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, The drop ship from the Defend The Object mission

This objective is basically a combination of Protect The Area and Dino Cull. You will need to defeat the waves of Dinosaurs. However, you will also need to make sure that the aircraft you are defending doesn’t get destroyed.

You can venture away from the vehicle, which isn’t a terrible idea if you have a unit that can draw aggro. However, you need to ensure that it isn’t destroyed, so make some team members need to be by it at all times to keep it safe.


Bar none, this is one of the most frustrating mission types. Here you will need to chase down a rampaging dino. You will have bouts of fighting them, then they will run away again, at which point you’ll be forced to, well, pursue.

Ranged Exosuits are best suited for this mission. Zephyr does have a very speedy dash, which can help you catch up, but it is so much better when all you need is line of sight to deal damage. A really well-played Roadblock can also block their exit, which is incredibly useful. On that note, if you have the wall craftable on hand, use it to block the dinosaur in.

Data Key Security

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Firing on the enemy team's Data Key

Data Key Security is one of the most common Final Missions you will encounter. The key (ha) to completing Data Key Security is pretty simple: stay close to the cube. Seriously, this is the bit people tend to get wrong more often than not. It is okay to have a member or two peel off and draw the other team into conflict, but this is only valuable if you can ensure that you push two or more members away from their Data Key.

When Is It Worth Leaving The Data Key’s Proximity?

Generally, you want EVERYONE in that area. However, if you have the chance to use the dominator to go harass the other team, that will likely be worth it. Similarly, a Vigilant player may be able to cause enough chaos by sniping the other team from a distance that them going lone wolf is worth it.

At the end of the stage, both Data Keys will end in the same area. Here is where the PvP element will come in. If you don’t already have one, you will want a good tank on your team. Honestly, Roadblock is very clearly your best option. That shield is incredibly resilient, but Krieger can work too.

Beyond that, if you are using Zephyr or Marasame, you will probably want to swap them, as they can be picked apart by too many units. Beyond that, Vigilant really shines in PvP. For healers, we would suggest going to the Witchdoctor, as their healing ability paired with a good tank will really help keep your Data Key going.

Here we have another Final Mission type. This is, straight up, capture the flag. There are three beacons, and as you control them, they will generate energy. Once your energy bar is full, you win. The more beacons you control at once, the more energy you will draw.

If you have a head start on the other team, you are going to want to spread out. If you control all three beacons you bar will charge alarmingly quickly. Being half a node ahead of the other team can be a huge, huge advantage here.

Defeat The Target Accordingly (Neo T. Rex)

Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Fighting the Neo T. Rex

This mission has two phases. The first is a particularly epic Dino Cull. You will need to kill 2000 raptors. Yes. 2000. After you stymie the flood of dinos, you’ll be facing off against the Neo T. Rex. This is one of the pinnacle boss battles in the game. He will fire out blobs that need to be avoided, and he has a number of melee attacks. For the most part, the Neo T. Rex will stay pretty stationary, but it will whip its tail and head around and lash out a nearby Exosuits.

When you attack the Neo T. Rex, aim for the glowing pustules lining its body. When you down it, nail the glowy part in its mouth. This is how you deal the most damage.

Whenever the pillars raise up, you either need to get behind them or get on them. One thing to keep in mind is that there are only 30 revives allowed. So, survivability is important. Skywave is a fantastic healer to have here, as this Exosuit will be able to largely stay above nearly all of Neo T. Rex’s attacks.

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