How To Unlock Every Achievement In Dave The Diver

Undersea Gunslinger

Completed the gun tutorial.

Story related.

Better Equipment

Made first equipment upgrade.

You’ll be prompted to do this for the first time. Via your phone, go to the ‘iDiver’ app and pay to upgrade a piece of equipment.

Bancho Sushi is Back!

Fixed the Sushi Restaurant.

Story related.


Reached Bronze Level in Cooksta.

You need to get ten followers to reach Bronze Level.

Angry Shark!

Caught first shark.

We have a guide on how and where to catch sharks here. The shark can be of any quality and type to unlock this achievement.

Culinary Master

Enhanced five dishes.

In the Sushi Restaurant, you can enhance dishes in the ‘Menu Tab’. We have a guide that explains this in more detail here.

Saved Dave!

First time bringing Dave back from the brink of death.

You’ll unlock this by having Dave run out of O2 while under the water. Cobra will revive him, but you only get to keep one item from your dive haul as a result.

Culinary Researcher

Researched five new dishes.

While in the Sushi Restaurant, go to the ‘Research’ tab to spend Artisan’s Flames on new recipes.

You earn Artisan’s Flames by completing service in the restaurant each night. You can unlock new recipes by progressing through the story, raising your Cooksta rank, and training employees.

New Undersea Friend

Completed the Dolphin’s request.

The dolphin events appear at random. A normal dolphin will appear and request you follow it to save the pink dolphin. Complete these to earn this achievement.

Deep-sea Diver

Entered the Deep Sea for the first time.

Story-related. The Deep Sea is the Blue Hole Depths at 130m-250m. You’ll be required to go here as part of the storyline, but you’ll need to upgrade your Diving Suit to be able to survive down there.

Scrap Metal Collector

Picked up 100 items.

Collect at least 100 items during your dives. This is accumulative.

Mister Melee

Caught 20 fish with melee weapons.

Use melee weapons instead of the Harpoon to catch 20 fish.

Shop’s Lookin’ Good!

Bought First Interior Item.

While in the Sushi Restaurant, go to the ‘Interior’ tab and purchase a new interior to unlock this.

Undersea Civilization!

Discovered the under-sea village!

Story related.

Predator of the Blue Hole

Caught 300 fish.

Catch 300 fish total in the Blue Hole. This is accumulative.

Dave the Sniper

Caught ten fish with a Sniper Rifle.

Use a Sniper Rifle to catch at least ten fish to unlock this.

A Dark and Cold Place

Discovered the Glacier Passage.

Story related.

Arms Craftsman

Enhanced gun three times.

As you progress, Duff’s Weapon Shop will eventually offer upgrades. Enhance a gun three times to unlock this, though it does not need to be the same gun for all three upgrades.

Dumplings in the Water

Mima’s restaurant opened.

Complete Mima’s mission quest line and she will open her restaurant.


Took ten photos at Photo Spots.

Complete ten of Udo’s photo request sub missions to earn this.

A Bancho Sushi Regular

Achieved Platinum rank in Cooksta.

You’ll need:

  • 250 Best Taste
  • 19 Researched Recipes

Once you have this, go into the Cooksta App, choose the ‘Rank Up’ tab, and unlock this rank.

The Seaweed is Growing!

Gumo’s seaweed farm opened.

Complete Khanzin’s mission quest line to unlock the Seaweed Farm.

Ration Eater

Ate rations.

When you go to the Sea Blue base, make sure you pick up the rations on the third floor. This is missable!


Entered the Glacier Passage for the first time.

Story related.

Feeble Blacksmith

Duwa’s workshop opened.

Progress through Duwa’s mission quest line and the workshop will open.

Momo’s Secret

Got to know Momo a little better.

Feed Momo enough cat food to unlock a special scene. We have a guide on how to unlock this here.

Artisan’s Flame

Researched 30 new dishes.

See ‘Culinary Researcher’.

My Wonderful Rice Field!

Rice field expanded to the maximum.

Pay Otto to expand the rice field to the maximum. We have a complete guide on farming here.


Bancho Sushi formed a branch restaurant.

Progress through the VIP customer mission quest line in order to open a new branch restaurant and unlock this achievement.

A Peaceful Blue Hole

Watched the ending credits.

Just watch the credits to unlock this!

Creature Hunter

Caught all bosses.

Defeat all the bosses to unlock this, which includes the main mission bosses and the optional Stormy Night bosses too.

Professional Farmer

Installed sprinklers in the garden.

Buy all of the water can upgrades to unlock the sprinklers and earn this accolade.

My Wonderful Field!

Vegetable farm expanded to the maximum.

Pay Otto to expand the vegetable field to the maximum. We have a complete guide on farming here.

Weapon Collector

Collected all blueprints.

Collect all weapon blueprints to earn this. Only the regular weapons count, not the variants, and you cannot get this until you have access to the Glacier Passage, as this is the only place to get the Ice Gun.

Cooksta Influencer

Achieved Diamond rank in Cooksta.

You’ll need:

  • 375 Best Taste
  • 32 Researched Recipes

Once you have this, go into the Cooksta App, choose the ‘Rank Up’ tab, and unlock this rank.

Sea People Historian

Captured all of the Sea People murals.

Most of these are part of the storyline and cannot be missed, but the final optional mural is in the Glacial Passage. This achievement will not unlock until you return to the boat and speak to Dr. Bacon.

God of Lightning

Caught a fish with Mjolnir.

You have to catch a fish with Mjolnir, which has a rare chance to spawn in the Glacial Passage.


Trained employees to level 20.

Train your employees up to level 20. We have a guide on employees here.

Blacksmith Helper

Sold 200 items at the workshop.

Sell 200 items at Duwa’s Workshop to unlock this. This is accumulative.


Fed the cat 20 times.

Feed Momo in the Sushi Restaurant 20 times. We have a guide on cat food and where to get it here.

Strange Fish

Capture five FishMon.

After you complete the ‘Take Pictures Of Manta Ray’ for Udo, he’ll begin to request that you capture strange fish, such as the Horned Parrotfish.

These requests happen on a Saturday, and you only have until Sunday to complete them. Do this five times to unlock this achievement.

Dev Killer

Wiped out all the developers.

Once you have completed the game, during the credits, you can play a minigame where you have to find and kill all of the developer names.

GYAO! Master

Raised five GYAOS!s.

You unlock GYAO after progressing through the Stormy Night sub missions, at which point you can access this Tamagotchi-like minigame. Raise five GYAOs to unlock this achievement.

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