Battle Replay And The Extra Epilogue In Triangle Strategy, Explained

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Most of the time, JRPGs are kind of a one-and-done deal, you know? There may be several patches to improve performance – possibly some DLC shortly after launch – the usual. But when Triangle Strategy received a free update over a year past its premiere, strategy role-playing game enthusiasts took notice. What was Square thinking?



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It turns out, Square was thinking some pretty cool things. Triangle Strategy’s 1.1 patch includes a bevy of added content worth coming back for, and we’re breaking it all down, so returning fans know what to expect.

Triangle Strategy Main Menu Screen With New Extra Chapter Option

This is the most surprising addition, especially since Triangle Strategy’s various endings felt pretty definitive already. There’s closure enough, or at least enough that few really complained about it, but if you fall in love with the game’s excellent cast, it’s always fun to see more of a good thing.

That’s basically what this ‘Extra Chapter’ is – more of a good thing. The free epilogue content is exclusive to Serenoa’s route, also known as ‘the golden route’. As the scales of fate would have it, we’ve got a guide on how to do just that. Since Serenoa’s route is the true ending, or rather, the ideal ending, it makes sense that the writers would focus on it more over the other three potential paths.

You’ll access the Extra Chapter via Triangle Strategy’s main menu screen. It will only pop up there upon completion of the Serenoa route, and amazingly enough, it’s a solid 25-30 minutes worth of new cutscenes that offers finality to plenty of recruitable characters (and the main stars of House Wolffort, of course). For the record, the Extra Chapter’s title is ‘A Wolffort Wedding‘, so you can kind of guess what’s up here.

Story Battle And Character Story Replay

Triangle Strategy Attacking the Rosellan Village

Here’s where the terminology Square uses might not be so cut and dry. What is story battle replay? Well, you know how you chat up the barkeep, Hossabarra, to engage in mock battles at your leisure? Those mock battles rather wear out their welcome over time, especially if you’re going for all four routes.

Now, you can choose a second tab at the mock battle screen and replay any and all story battles you’ve reached up to that point. While the tangible rewards are mediocre (healing items, basically), and you’ll need to commit more time to them, the leveling rewards for your grinding effort can be pretty great.

As for the character story replay, this is pretty simple – via the War Chronicle, you can rewatch character recruitment cutscenes to your heart’s content. How much mileage you get out of this will surely vary, but considering this is all totally free of charge, who’s complaining?

Miscellaneous Improvements

Triangle Strategy Second Vote

There are several little improvements to Triangle Strategy in update 1.1 that are more in line with your standard ‘basic tweaks’ patch, but again, it’s all welcome stuff. There have been slight increases to loot and money acquired in repeat playthroughs, as well as some small adjustments to the various battles.

You can skip the logo screens that boot up when you turn the game on – nothing major, but hey, it can add up. Last but not least, there’s a provided input to skip the “…” bits during cutscenes; if you’re lost as to what that means, go ahead and give it a try the next time you sit down for a lengthy one. These can really pile up, plummeting Triangle Strategy’s pacing when a common complaint is already the cutscene length relative to gameplay sections.

A scattered handful of bug fixes top it all off, including a fix for when network errors can get in the way of properly obtaining achievements. That never happened to us, but it sure does sound frustrating.

We’re not entirely sure what compelled the development team to revisit their game to such an extent in June 2023, but we’re grateful as all get-out. There’s never been a better time to pick up Triangle Strategy.

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