How To Complete Look Out In Warzone 2 DMZ

Gear up as you undertake the ‘Look Out’ mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ’s fourth season. You must complete two clear-cut objectives to unlock the rewards, including the exclusive “Eliminating Targets” calling card and a generous 10,000 XP boost.



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Begin by heading to the northern coast of Ashika Island to locate and acquire the IR beacon. Once in possession of the beacon, proceed to the central area of the map where Ashika Castle stands. Your next objective is to skillfully position the IR beacon on the castle’s rooftop. Here’s everything you need to complete the missions.

How To Complete The Look Out Mission In Warzone 2 DMZ

Important locations for

This guide for the final Tier 1 White Lotus will help you execute the mission. To do them, you’ll need to start by locating the IR Beacon.

Locating The IR Beacon: Unveiling Its Hidden Location

Exact location of IR beacon

To locate the IR beacon, you must head towards the northernmost region of Ashika Island, which lies considerably far north of Oganikku Farms.

You’ll come across a small island completely covered in rocks. On this island, you may also find a lifeboat. The IR beacon can be discovered resting on top of the rocks. Retrieve the IR beacon to accomplish your initial objective.

Mounting The IR Beacon On The Roof Of Ashika Castle

Tsuki Castle Location Where IR beacon needs to be placed

With the IR beacon in your possession, proceed towards the central area of Ashika Island, where Tsuki Castle, also known as Ashika Castle, is located.

It is crucial to handle the beacon with care as you will be covering a significant distance to reach Tsuki Castle.

Once you arrive, make your way to the highest point of the castle, where the roof proudly displays a raised flag.

At this precise location, you must securely position the IR beacon, fulfilling the second objective and successfully accomplishing the mission.

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