10 Best Steam Games That Use Pixel Art

In a world of high-definition graphics and visual-focused game mechanics, there is something undeniably charming about pixel art. Modern times games have their main focus on providing realistic graphics and smooth transitions. Although these new-era games have amazing mechanics, the nostalgic pixel art has its own charm.



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It reflects the time of the golden era of gaming, where imagination and creativity thrived. Some developers still prefer to adopt this style of art in their games exclusively for pixel art lovers. You can find many games that follow the classic art style and still offer satisfying end products.

10 Noita

Noita Spellcaster By Pixel Cloud

Noita is a roguelite game set in a magical world of sorcerers and mythological creatures. The game was officially released in 2019 and still has a decent fanbase to this day. The protagonist is a sorcerer who starts out the journey in a peculiar world and fights the monsters with the use of magical powers.

Noita uses permadeath, and you will have to fight the opponents and different mystical creatures throughout the game. You can engage in combat, go out on adventures, and use elemental powers to burn, freeze, and destroy things to proceed through the beautifully pixelated world.

9 Omori

Omori close up of character with title on his head

Omori is a role-playing video game with an interesting plot that takes place in dual worlds of dream and reality. The storyline centers around a Hikikomori teenage boy named Sunny and his alter-ego dream world variant Omori.

You experience adventures in the real world, as well as Omori’s dream world, where he expresses or suppresses his fears and forgotten secrets. As the gameplay progresses and you uncover more secrets, your decisions and paths will decide your fate.

8 Katana Zero

Katana Zero - Subject Zero

Katana Zero is a platforming game that takes place in a dystopian metropolis. The storyline revolves around Subject Zero, a deadly assassin with a special katana, having the ability to predict future outcomes and slow down time. Zero solves the mysteries of his past while fulfilling assassination contracts.

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Zero carries out different contracts for a mysterious psychiatrist as he advances through the levels. These levels are split into different locations, and you must neutralize all the threats in the room using your powers without being killed in the process.

7 Enter The Gungeon

The Hunter fighting standing behind a flipped table fighting against bullet kin enemies in Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelike game that features multiple characters for you to choose from. The storyline follows the squad of characters called Gungeoneers who advance through the procedurally generated rooms in the hunt for a gun that can “kill the past”.

The four Gungeoneers encounter all manner of enemies throughout the game that they must overcome. The game also features a permadeath mechanic, causing you to lose all your resources and collected items and start over from scratch if you die.

6 Celeste

Celeste player in a level with multiple spiked traps

In Celeste, you have to assist Madeline in fighting her inner demons, and help her accomplish the goal of reaching the peak of the mountain. During the journey, you will discover many twists and meet several characters, including a self-doubt-reflecting character called Badeline, who will try to stop Madeline from reaching the top.

You can run, climb walls, jump, and dash in mid-air to surpass the obstacles and continue your adventure. You also collect certain objects and items that enhance your abilities and add to the overall story behind these characters.

5 Dead Cells

A screenshot of the Rebound Stone weapon in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania.

Dead Cells is a famous roguelike-Metroidvania game that has been released on pretty much every platform. The protagonist is an amorphous creature addressed as the Prisoner. The main storyline takes place on a diseased island and your main objective is to escape its terrors and eliminate the Island’s King.

Throughout your progression, you can gather different weapons and hunt for treasure and other tools to fight the mutated creatures efficiently – but if you die, you re-awaken and must start over.

4 Undertale

Frisk looks at their reflection in the mirror, noting that they're still the same after everything

Undertale is an RPG in which you play as a child who has dropped into an underground dark region deep inside the Earth, separated from the real world by a magical barrier. You will meet a lot of characters to help you escape the mystical world.

As you progress on your journey, you also meet some monsters and magical creatures who don’t want you to leave. The events of the game depend on the dialogue you choose and the actions you take, as each decision will change the outcome of the storyline.

3 Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors player fighting a horde of bats surrounding them

The beautiful pixel art of Vampire Survivors will definitely leave a satisfying impression. The game offers intense action as you face never-ending waves of undead monsters. Your main goal is to survive the hoard of enemies that tries to dominate you from all directions. Each level has a specific time limit and if you survive within the given time, you clear the level.

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As you progress through the levels, you unlock new characters, better weapons, and assisting items to help you survive against the sturdy monsters. Good luck, as things will get overwhelming quickly.

2 Stardew Valley

Split image of farmer next to Krobus and outside their house in winter in Stardew Valley

If you’re into farming simulation games, you probably already know Stardew Valley. The game is quite famous for its life-sim mechanics and farming relaxatiopn. You inherit your grandfather’s dilapidated farm, and your main objective is to cultivate plants, grow food, and take care of farm animals – all while you become a part of this small community.

Other than farming, you can go out for adventures and delve deep into the mines, where you can fight monsters. You also enjoy a peaceful social life by interacting with the locals. You can truly live your life as a farmer while exploring the different mysteries of this valley.

1 Terraria

terraria the constant seed starter house

Terraria is a famous action-adventure sandbox game that has still a massive fanbase to this date. Although the game is a bit older now, it is still one of the most famous pixel games on Steam and stands the test of time. The gameplay of Terraria revolves around building, exploring, and crafting your world while focusing on combat, survival, and mining.

The game also offers a multiplayer option which doubles the fun, as you can work with friends – or fight against them, if you wish. You’re free to build up your character and their abilities, with things such as melee, magic, ranged weaponry, and summoner powers that let you customize your playstyle according to your choice. Overall, Terraria features an exploration-adventure style experience that is often noted as a 2D version of the colossal title of the genre, Minecraft – though Terraria easily stands as its own thing.

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