10 Pokemon That Are Just Ordinary Animals

Throughout Pokemon’s extensive history, the series has created a Pokedex that is overflowing with character and curiosity. From sentient vanilla ice cream cones to sky serpents and global titans of fire and water, Nintendo has created a series of iconic, creative, and formidable creatures to feature in its games. But, not all Pokemon are as outlandish as Lickitung or as imposing as Darkrai.



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Some Pokemon are literally just normal animals. These creatures tend closer to animals that exist in our reality, often taking the boring role of being domesticated or so common that trainers don’t even bother catching them due to them lacking a wow factor. In this list, we explore examples of Pokemon so ordinary that we wouldn’t be too shocked to see them in our own reality.

10 Wooloo – Sheep Pokemon

Wooloo Standing On a Green Platform

Take the pleasant Wooloo, for example. While it has been appropriately stylized for the Pokemon world with braided pigtails and a cotton ball physique, this is a sheep. Wooloo is a Gen-8 Normal-type Pokemon whose signature fleece is harvested by the citizens of Galar to make – wait for it – carpets and clothes.

Similar to its real-life inspiration, this sheep hangs out in flocks and follows the herd, has a friendly disposition, and avoids conflict for fear of being defeated. Also, like real sheep, it has to have its fleece sheared, or it becomes immobile and miserable. Where Wooloo differs from reality is its perfectly circular floof which is so cushioning that it can absorb the shock of falling off a cliff. PSA: Do not throw actual sheep off cliffs.

9 Ekans – Snake Pokemon

Ekans Against A Purple Background

Following Wooloo’s suit, we have the Pokemon who was ordinary all the way back in Gen-1. The Poison-type Ekans is a snake, and there’s not much else to it. Ekans is a purple and yellow venomous serpent that spends most of its time coiled in a roll. This understated Pokemon does, at least, have the distinction of having a rattle on the end of its tail.

Even though it is a snake with very few embellishments, at least it’s modeled after a cool snake that can make a sinister noise. Even the Pokedex entries surrounding Ekans are a bit dull, usually mentioning that it eats Pidgey eggs and slithers through grass like the utterly common Pokemon it is.

8 Lechonk – Hog Pokemon

Lechonk Smiling Before Eating in a Forest

Another Pokemon that we might have recently seen at a visit to a countryside farm, Lechonk is known as the Hog Pokemon for obvious reasons. Introduced in Gen-9 as a Normal-type and a fan-favorite, Lechonk is clearly modeled after a pig (or hog) from its rotund meaty body and small legs to its massive snout.

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Also stealing from real-life hog lore, Lechonk is blessed with a marvelous sense of smell that it uses to forage for food. In this case, the Hog Pokemon is hunting for fresh Berries or nectar as opposed to sniffing out underground truffles. Its design and its culinary associations aside, there is a difference between a pig and a Lechonk, actually. The Hog Pokemon emits an herbal odor that repels bugs. And if you’ve spent any time on farms, you’ll know that real-life pigs, traipsing in manure, don’t do that.

7 Skwovet – Cheeky Pokemon

Skwovet Climbing And Looking Down

Gen-8 strikes again with an utterly ordinary addition to the Pokedex. Climbing along trees and frolicking through the forests of Galar is the Normal-type Cheeky Pokemon, Skwovet. Modeled after the squirrel, one of the most ubiquitous mammals on the planet, Skwovet hits the design to a tee: fluffy tail, quadruped, beady eyes, and big cheeks.

This Pokemon behaves like a squirrel as well, as it is always focused on foraging for food and avoiding its predator, Gumshoos. Hiding berries that it steals from farms inside its corpulent jaws, Skwovet seems just as cute and just as much of a nuisance as actual squirrels. And of course, no other Pokemon besides the squirrel one should be able to learn the move Stuff Cheeks.

6 Pidove – Tiny Pigeon Pokemon

Pidove Encounter from Sword & Shield

This Gen-5 Normal/Flying-type is modeled after another ubiquitous animal, particularly one who will walk right up to you on a city street and try to steal your warm pretzel. Yes, Pidove was created in homage to the pigeon. With its small gray body, signature friendliness, and total lack of fear when it comes to human beings, it’s clear to see that pigeons were the inspiration.

Pidove also almost exclusively hangs out in urban areas like city parks and plazas, where hundreds of them will loudly coo and swarm around dropped food. One area where this Pokemon differs from the real-world version is in its intelligence, as Pidove is known for not being very bright while real pigeons are notably intelligent.

5 Caterpie – Worm Pokemon

Caterpie from Pokemon anime standing on the grass.

Worm Pokemon is a bit of a misnomer for dear Caterpie, as it is decidedly not a worm. Introduced in Gen-1, Caterpie is famous for being one of the first Pokemon that new trainers would attempt to catch in the very first game. Unlike Ekans, however, Caterpie is modeled after a very specific kind of animal: the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar.

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Down to its green/yellow color scheme and bright pastel antennae which release a stinky odor as a defense mechanism, this Pokemon mimics reality to an uncanny degree. Its voracious appetite and useful leafy camouflage abilities are also stolen from the Swallowtail. Though the real-life butterfly does not resemble Caterpie’s evolution Butterfree, in most respects, this Pokemon does actually exist.

4 Mudbray – Donkey Pokemon

Mudbray digs through some dirt beside Lana

Gen-7 makes its first appearance on the list with the Ground-type Pokemon Mudbray who also fits on the farm expertly. The fact that it’s called the Donkey Pokemon and that its name includes the sound that donkeys make indicate clear as day that this is, in fact, a donkey. Another Pokemon that’s been domesticated by humans, it’s good for carrying heavy loads.

Mudbray mimics donkeys in its strength and ability to cover difficult terrain. Both a donkey and Mudbray are often seen in mountainous regions as their hooves caked with mud provide exemplary traction and grip. Where the two differ seems to be in their diet. While donkeys are no strangers to mud, dirt is literally Mudbray’s staple food which it regurgitates as mud to coat itself with. Truly a delightful habit.

3 Yanma – Clear Wing Pokemon

Yanma flying in the pokemon anime

Another old-school Pokemon appears on the list in the form of Gen-2’s Bug/Flying-type Yanma. Clearly modeled after a dragonfly, Yanma mimics the real-life insect almost perfectly. With a long abdomen, four wings, large eyes, and six legs jutting out from its thorax, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Pokemon that’s more of a dragonfly than this one.

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Also similar to dragonflies, Yanma prefers to flit within wooded or swamp areas with expert evasiveness. Fortunately for us, dragonflies are not as large as Yanma, nor are they able to produce shock waves from their wings that are strong enough to shatter a window. In these moments, city dwellers are likely sighing with relief, grateful that bugs can’t yet break glass.

2 Flamigo – Synchronize Pokemon

Flamigo stands by a rock in tall grass

Literally one letter away from being an exact copy of a real animal, it is ridiculous how much this Gen-9 Pokemon has in common with reality. Obviously inspired by the flamingo, this Flying/Fighting Pokemon dwells in Paldean wetlands and bodies of water in a flamboyance (the fun flamingo word for flock).

This Pokemon does not diverge from the flamingo stereotype even remotely; the signature pink hue, the long curved neck, the black beak, and the one-legged habit are all present. Just like real flamingos, Flamigo are highly social and reliant on each other for safety, able to use a move called Synchronize where they attack in tandem.

1 Lillipup – Puppy Pokemon

Lillipup in Pokemon Camp

Gen-5 closes out the list with the addition of the Puppy Pokemon. A Normal-type that eventually evolves into Herdier and Stoutland, Lillipup is clearly modeled after the real-world Yorkshire Terrier. With its diminutive size and abundance of facial fur, it’s not a stretch to see the similarities between the two.

Lillipup also shares personality characteristics with the Yorkshire Terrier, as they both pride themselves on being courageous, intelligent, and easy to interact with. It is said in the Pokedex that much like real dogs, Lillipup never forgets the love or the abuse that it received when it was raised. A reminder to treat your puppies well, virtual or not.

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