The Best Healers In JRPGS

Healers are the linchpin of any party within JRPGs. They will heal you when the chips are not falling in your favor, can reduce the amount of damage you receive overall, and incapacitate your enemies with spells that shut them up. All of these spells are par for the course when it comes to healers.



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What makes each one different on this list is how they can differentiate themselves from the pack. Some are crucial to defending yourself and the party, and others are walking powerhouses with healing as a side gig that they’re good at. Either way, you can’t go wrong with anyone down below.

Updated on July 12, 2023, by Rena Darling: Keep your healers happy, or you will end up in a world of pain. We are returning once again to place on display some healers that might have missed the cracks. Whether you have the personification of a game development company soothing your party, or a young woman who will heal you just as much as she would hurt you, these healers aren’t going to let evil win while they’re on the clock. As new healers are being created or having the world’s salvation thrust onto their party member’s shoulders, It is only fair that they get their moment in the spotlight along with their more well-known brethren.

13 Luocha – Honkai Star Rail

Luocha holding his watch above rippling waters and coffin behind his back

Luocha isn’t the type of man who will let anything of significance be known about him until the time is right. All you know for sure is that he is a merchant and has a coffin he needs to deliver. Even that last tidbit about delivering that coffin is ambiguous because he definitely uses it in battle.

As a healer, Luocha has an arsenal of skills that will keep your party fit for combat. His passive-aggressive skill, Abyss Flower, will heal anyone in your party that’s at less than 50 percent health without using any of your energy. If that isn’t good enough, Luocha can cast a field that turns all enemy damage into HP to keep his party alive. Not surprising from one who’s from the house of Abundance.

12 Compa – Hyperdimension Neptunia

Compa, Neptune, and IF smiling together in the sky

The Hyperdimension Neptunia games attempt to answer the question: What if our game systems were anthropomorphized into powerful goddesses charged with saving all dimensions in existence? Compa is an ally you meet during your adventures, and she represents the developer of the game, Compile Heart. Having the company protect and heal its characters gives a more personal touch.

All Compa wants to do is become a nurse to heal those who are in need. Her heart is large, and her personality is too sweet for this world. Even better, you can focus on building up her defense stats and make her a tanky healer who can take some serious damage.

11 Estelle – Trails In The Sky

Estelle wields her staff in an attack

Estelle isn’t solely a healer like the others on this list, but she excels as a well-rounded, jack-of-all-trades character that you can utilize in a multitude of ways. For much of the game, she is your sole healer and the only other one that can learn all the healing spells in the game once the prerequisites are met.

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In fact, her flexibility in battle is the best thing about keeping her in your party. Estelle isn’t the strongest by any means, but her grit, charm, and willingness to knock someone out with her infamous stick earn her a place on this list.

10 Princess Garnet – Final Fantasy 9

Princess Garnet looks down at Zidane before jumping

Garnet is an example in Final Fantasy 9 of tenacity in the face of adversity and never taking no for an answer. Even first meeting her in the game, she tries to escape from her home and becomes a willing participant in Zidane and the company’s princess heist. Not only does she have to watch as her mother, Queen Brahne, goes on a continent-wide rampage, but she has to try to pick up the pieces when she becomes queen.

She starts as a decent healer before trauma silences her skills for a time. Once she recovers, not only is she a great healer to have in your party, she is the strongest summoner in the game. Granted, she is one of only two summoners in the game, but that doesn’t mean we should discount the sheer power she commands. Just look at the devastation the summons extracted from her did.

9 Estelle Sidos Heurassein – Tales Of Vesperia

Estelle gets startles while sitting in flowers

In Tales of Vesperia, the world relies on a magical substance called Blastia that powers everything, from electrical work to magic that people use daily. Estelle is a special type of magic user; she is the only one who can use magic without Blastia because she is a child of the moon.

She comes with all the fixings one would think of when discussing healers: able to heal single and multiple targets, remove status effects and provide protection spells. However, she isn’t just there for the heals. No, she will make the pain rain down on anyone who gets in her way. She has several attacks that command the power of the stars themselves.

8 Mercedes – Fire Emblem Three Houses

Mercedes stares at Byleth

Those in Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Blue Lions house have come to understand that they have the complete support of Mercedes, the house’s healer. Though all house members could technically become a healer through the job system, Mercedes has two spells that set her above the rest of the school’s healers.

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First, she has the spell Fortify, which can heal her allies within the chosen radius. However, the spell that sets Mercedes apart from the pack is the spell unique to her: Live to Serve. Using the spell heals both your target and Mercedes herself, giving you two heals for the price of one.

7 G’raha Tia – Final Fantasy 14

G'Raha Tia looks toward his right, our left

Okay, okay. Technically, G’raha Tia isn’t a healer but acts more as a jack of all trades. Unlike other people who fall under that category, though, G’raha has had the time and patience to master them all. He’s saved the lives of countless allies, including the Warrior of Light. So is it such a far-fetched notion not to consider him such?

In Final Fantasy 14, you can use the Trust System and run dungeons with your favorite characters from the story. While all the other characters are locked in their specific jobs, G’raha has a unique job called All-Rounder. If you need a tank, he can do it. Need DPS? He’s got you there too. Plus, he can heal. It puts him on the same level of expertise as the character who’s fought and beaten gods: you.

6 Princess Peach – Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars

Princess Toadstool gives everyone a group hug

Taking the characters you know and love from the Super Mario franchise, Legend of the Seven Stars gives the party new RPG moves to play with. Princess Toadstool is the last person to join your party, but easily one of the best members given what she can do in battle. While not great at being offensive, the princess thrives in support.

Princess Toadstool brings the power of mental wellness and empathy. Her single target heal, Therapy, gives you some HP, cures status effects, and group hug heals multiple targets for less HP. She also comes equipped with moves that excel in crowd control, such as Sleepytime and Mute. The princess is a far cry from a damsel here.

5 Yu Nanba – Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yu Nanba prepares an attack

Yu Nanba is the tragic healer of your group of lovable misfits in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. A former doctor, healing is a natural fit for him, as he healed Ichiban when he was found unconscious and bleeding in the dumpster. He starts as cold and scheming initially, but he and Ichi become as close as brothers by the game’s end.

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He starts with Power Nap, a move where he drops to the ground and does exactly what the name entails, heals himself. Eventually, Nanba gains other abilities that let him heal others, cast regen, or even bring you back from the brink of death. …be mindful of that last one; his bad breath is no joke.

4 Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Aerith Shows off her flower

Why the remake over the original? It’s for one simple, if a little coldhearted, reason: she wasn’t in the game for that long. It’s also why she isn’t higher on this list. You only get to see her final Limit Break, Great Gospel, if you grind battles. Not a fun experience.

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, she’s just getting out of Midgar. With Remake seemingly an alternate timeline, you may see her come to her full potential organically. Aerith’s Limit breaks are all healing ones, but what’s great about her level three and four limit breaks is the damage mitigation. They elevate her to overpowered status when it comes to lifesaving.

3 Alfyn – Octopath Traveler

Alfyn laughs while his best friend reaches out toward the dog in octopath traveler

The only healer on this list so far that isn’t a straight magic user, Alfyn from Octopath Traveler can use a little magic on his own here and there, but where he truly shines is with Concoct.

His apothecary abilities can make all types of tonics: to heal, revive, clear out any type of status effects that had been cast on you, and you’re also able to attack enemies with them as well, making him high on the versatility list, and a stand out against other magic based healers.

2 Sophia Esteed – Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

Sophia Esteed holding an orb not of the planet

To put it plainly, Star Ocean 3’s Sophia is a nuclear attack in the guise of a healer. Her magic starting is innocent enough with Healing and the small offensive spells, such as Fire Bolt and Ice Needles. If you take the time to put her in your main party and level her up, her moves become increasingly devastating.

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For example, as she levels up, she begins to acquire summons and the ability to call them to the field. Efreet, a literal fire genie, is only the beginning. By the time you get closer to the end, she can summon literal demons from hell (including the lord of hell), with a dose of asteroids to drop on enemies to boot. Sophia is the best friend next door; you don’t want to make her mad.

1 Yuna – Final Fantasy 10

Yuna just after becoming summoner

In Final Fantasy 10, Yuna proved to be the pinnacle of showing you strength in stoicism and a will of steel. She accepted the fate cast down on her at an early age and trained as hard as she could to become the summoner that could ease the suffering of Spira.

A role she doesn’t take lightly, Yuna takes her time to create more than just a simple transactional bond with her summons; she gives each one the respect they deserve and more. Combining her traditional healing skills with Lulu’s black magic via sphere grid, there’s nothing to get in her way.

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