Bitcoin Miner Codes For (April 2023)

Welcome to Bitcoin Miner – a game currently still in Beta but plenty popular with regular updates and fresh codes. The game is simple – you run your own Bitcoin mining operation in Roblox. Simple as that. Love tycoon games? Check out Gumball Factory and Sword Factory! The game is still in its Beta, but … Read more

Who Are Nada, Polo And The Anomaly In NMS?

There are plenty of NPCs to meet in No Man’s Sky and none of them are quite like Nada and Polo. This time-traveling twosome is known to every Traveller and they’re always willing to help out from within their massive multiverse hopping machine. RELATED: No Man’s Sky: Who Were The Gek First Spawn? They provide … Read more

Could You Conquer This Pokemon Escape Room ROM Hack?

Pokemon’s puzzles have never been too difficult. Maybe you got stuck on the Strength boulders in Ice Path, or struggled to work out the logic of Wallace’s Gym, but you were a child back then. Those kinds of things wouldn’t trouble you now. The Braille to unlock the Regis, on the other hand, was completely … Read more

Ninja Turtles: Legends v1.23.3 [MOD]

Name: Ninja Turtles: LegendsVersion: 1.23.3Root: No Mod features: Endless bonuses, mutagens, bucks, passes and pizzas. Install Steps:DownloadInstall Credits: ?Playstore Link: Ninja Turtles: Legends – Apps on Google Play Download Link: Download Ninja Turtles Mod apkDownload Mirror: Download Ninja Turtles Mod apk

How To Beat A Regieleki Raid In Pokemon Go

Quick Links Regieleki: Strengths And Weaknesses Regieleki: Best Counter Picks Pokemon Go recently introduced Elite Raids to the game, the latest Raid variant, tasking players with battling and defeating powerful Pokemon in person. So far, there have only been two different Pokemon used as the Raid Pokemon for this new feature, but the third is … Read more

Every Power-Up Featured In The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a rendition of a beloved video game franchise was a well-received love letter to the fans that took you on a somewhat enjoyable nostalgia-loaded trip. Illumination gave you exactly what you wanted. A fun yet wholesome and clean family-friendly origin story for a ragtag team of brothers from Brooklyn … Read more

Survivor Proves Cal Kestis Isn’t Boring

One common complaint about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (beyond its lack of fast travel and those bloody ponchos) is how its protagonist, last of the Jedi no-really-this-time-we-mean-it Cal Kestis, is boring. While the ginger Jedi had his fans (read: me), the majority of players didn’t gravitate towards him as a leading man like Respawn … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

There’s no doubt that the makers of Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves took some level of artistic license regarding the use of certain abilities, spells, and features. For example, in one scene the party’s druid Doric shapeshifts into a collage of different creatures even though the wild shape ability only allows a finite number … Read more

Every Main Character’s Age, Height & Birthday

Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most influential games in Square Enix’s history. When it first launched on the PlayStation in 1997, the game sent ripples through the roleplaying genre and the video game industry as a whole. RELATED: Final Fantasy 7: The Original Game’s Ending, Explained Final Fantasy 7’s popularity is a testament … Read more